AISWA Languages Teachers' Stories

AISWA Languages is all about teachers sharing their stories to inspire, encourage and support the learning and teaching of Languages. We would love to hear stories on innovative programs and teacher and student achievement. Please contact our Languages Consultant if you would like to contribute an article or story below.

  • 30 November, 2013
    The iPad can provide students with massive amounts of viewing, reading and listening texts so it's a great tool for language learning. Finding the perfect content or exercises, however, can be a challenge. With iBooks Author, teachers can create interactive, multimedia content tailor-made for their students' learning needs. Read more

    • Building sustainable language programs

  • 18 November, 2013
    Giselle Fabling (Penrhos College) received funding fram AISWA through the ATP Languages to attend The Japan Foundation (Sydney) Intensive Seminar for Teachers of Middle Year Japanese. Read more

    • Teacher professional development

  • 3 November, 2013
    Teachers and colleagues in schools, universities and professional organisations acknowledge Claire Leong's influence as a supporter and promoter of language learning. Tributes have arrived at AISWA Languages in many forms, all steeped in praise for Claire's efforts, warmth and grace and with gratitude for the range of programs that she has initiated and supported. Read more

    • Teacher professional development

  • 1 November, 2013
    As she prepared to graduate, Headgirl of St Mary's Anglican Girls' School, Ms Lianne Leung spoke movingly and with humour and insight about life lessons learned from her studies of Italian, Japanese, French and German. Read more

    • Promoting Languages
    • WACE Languages Curriculum

  • 25 October, 2013
    We met; we laughed; we learned. What more could anyone ask for? The MLTAWA's first ever Teachmeet was a resounding success. Read more

    • Teacher professional development

  • 23 October, 2013
    How is successful language learning achieved? Dr Lindy Norris from Murdoch University developed a visual representation of six factors that, her research indicated, enabled successful language learning in a school context in Australia. Read more

    • Building sustainable language programs
    • Promoting Languages

  • 17 October, 2013
    As teachers and advocates of language learning, all of us are leaders and all of us can be better leaders. The 2013 cohort of AISWA languages leaders shows how much can be achieved in a short time. Read more

    • Teacher professional development

  • 14 October, 2013
    Community perceptions are key to supporting your languages program. Does your community have access to up-to-date information about language learning today? Read more

    • Promoting Languages

  • 17 September, 2013
    Near Hall's Creek in Western Australia's Kimberley region, the Yiyili Community, and its Community School are working collaboratively to secure positive language and literacy outcomes in Kriol, in Gooniyandi and in Standard Australian English. Read more

    • Differentiated learning
    • Ideas for teaching

  • 3 September, 2013
    AISWA staff has created two literacy support documents in order to improve AISWA’s consultancy to schools. We hope these two documents offer a coherent message regarding what is meant by literacy, debunk some myths about languages learning and give some simple strategies to support the teaching of literacy. Read more

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