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In Western Australia, NAPLAN is managed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA). AISWA, when directed by SCSA, helps facilitate the collection of student background data form Member schools for a number of testing initiatives, including NAPLAN. AISWA provides schools with updates, forms, handbooks and information. These are sent to AISWA Member school Principals and the nominated AISWA School NAPLAN Coordinator.

Valuate Portal

As an additional service to Member schools, AISWA provides a NAPLAN Consultant, skilled in data analysis and curriculum, and the Valuate NAPLAN reporting app. The Valuate on-line NAPLAN reporting app was developed specifically for the purpose of assisting schools to analyse student learning growth and improve assessment. AISWA schools’ NAPLAN results are made available via this secure website.

Valuate can help to: 

  • Use data to implement changes in teaching and learning

  • Enhance whole school planning

  • Enable improved outcomes for individual students and classes 

  • Map and audit curriculum documents

  • Confirm school-based assessment data

  • Detail individual student’s performance

  • Analyse school performance over time


Valuate workshops are run by AISWA for schools on request. 

Please contact AISWA's Coordinator of NAPLAN and Data Analysis for details.

Professional Learning

AISWA offers customised PL sessions, for leaders and teachers at Member schools, to help improve 'Assessment for Learning' practices - that is, how NAPLAN data can be utilised to inform whole school planning and teaching programs. Members should access the Member Portal for more information here.

The PL is especially useful for school leaders and teachers responsible for Student Academic Improvement, data management and teachers who are interested in using student learning data to inform their teaching. 


NAPLAN Commentary and National Results, 2023

See the 2023 NAPLAN Commentary and links to the most recent national NAPLAN results.


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