Who We Are

Welcome to AISWA - the Association of Independent Schools in Western Australia.

The role of AISWA is to support the great variety of schools and educational organisations in the Independent sector, celebrating 'Strength in Diversity'. AISWA is a member of Independent Schools Australia (ISA).

Our Purpose:

To lead, serve, and advocate for the WA Independent School sector

Our role is to bring Members together to work collectively on decisions and policies that foster inclusivity, accessibility and equitable opportunities for everyone - to foster an ecosystem where Member schools are supported, nurtured and provided with the services they need to excel, no matter the size or location of the school.

Our Core Values:

Integrity, Stewardship, Service, Equity

From the Aboriginal Independent Community Schools in remote WA, to the nature play based school in the Great Southern, through to the large boarding schools in Perth, our programs support and advocate for strong opportunities for young people across our State to succeed.

Our Scope:

Advocating for choice and diversity in education is not confined within our community’s boundaries – it resonates far beyond.

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Our Staff

Our AISWA team numbers close to 80. A quick directory of key contacts can be found here. The full Staff Directory is visible to Members only. We are governed by a Board. We work in a highly collaborative way and strive to provide services personalised to our Members' needs. We are a team with diverse skills that truly recognises and embraces the rich diversity of our sector.

An Outline of Staff Roles


To manage the services provided to Member schools and government funding and reporting requirements, the team includes an Executive Team of five Directors and their Executive Assistants, plus teams that service the following areas:

Aboriginal Education Support, Accounts, Accreditation, Administration, Business Development, Capital Grants, Communications, Compliance, Curriculum + Pedagogy area consultations, Early Childhood, Finance, Inclusive Education, Industrial Matters,  IT Services, Leadership Support, Legal Matters, Marketing, NAPLAN Analysis, Online Learning, People and Culture, Policies, Professional Learning, Psychology Services, Publications, School Registration, School + Student Services, Social Media, Software Licensing, Special Projects, Teacher Quality, Website, Wellbeing and Workplace Relations. 

For more information please visit the General Directory (public) and detailed Services Directory (Members). (link TBA)

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Our Past and Our Future

The Association of Independent Schools was established in 1962 as a non-profit organisation to support, represent and promote the interests of Independent Schools. AISWA's history stretches back to the 1950s, originally evolving from a Headmasters Association - a small group of boys school Headmasters. In 1953, the heads of girls schools joined the group for meetings. The group met annually over the following decade until a formalised combined organisation was proposed and established in 1962. The membership was 34 schools. AISWA has just celebrated its 60th Anniversary and six decades of support, advocacy and partnership with Independent Schools, currently numbering 155.

The video below celebrates this 60+ year journey

AISWA is now focused on building upon this legacy to provide a modern dynamic organisation that understands and meets the changing needs of our Members. As a strong advocate for diversity and choice in education, our purpose is to provide leadership and serve our Member schools, ensuring that young people in Western Australia thrive.

AISWA Annual Report

The most recent AISWA Annual Report is available for download.