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  • International School Partnerships: Keys to Success

    Tranby College has a big sign outside the school that reads “From Little Things Big Things Grow”. Such a message is at the heart of the partnership that the school has developed with SMAN 5 in Surabaya, Indonesia through the federal BRIDGE program.

    Since 2008, the Tranby College – SMAN5 Surabaya partnership has gone from strength to strength and provided opportunities for students from both countries to learn a second language, to deepen intercultural understandings and develop long-lasting friendships. The story of this partnership illustrates how the cumulative intercultural experiences and opportunities to travel in-country, year after year, are highly valuable and life-changing for many students. The success of the relationship was acknowledged by the Consul General for the Republic of Indonesia, Bapak Syarief Syamsuri at a welcome assembly during SMAN5 Surabaya’s visit in March and covered by five Indonesian media outlets. Former Tranby students, who since graduation have gone on to continue careers and study in Indonesia also attended the assembly and interacted with a large number of Indonesian guests, showing that the impact such a partnership has on individuals is long-lasting and meaningful. However, the partnership has also brought so many professional opportunities to the teachers from both schools.

    Watch the interview where Vicki Richardson, Indonesian Teacher and Dean of Languages at Tranby College and Pak Abdul Latif, international Co-ordinator reflect on the past six years and identify what they believe are the factors that have contributed to the success of their international partnership. For more information about successful school partnerships visit the What Works series on the Asia Education Foundation website.

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