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AISWA Languages Teachers' Stories

  • Languages for Life

    At Scotch College, learning a language helps to prepare students for a global community.

    The motto of Scotch College, “Preparing boys for life” is illustrated in the following short video and shows how learning a second language can provide individuals with social and career opportunities and greatly enrich intellectual growth. Scotch College is an International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) school. The current International Baccalaureate terminology for Languages is “Language Acquisition” (formally known as “Language B”).

    The video is narrated by French, Indonesian and Spanish senior students using the language fluently to show younger students the level of proficiency that is achievable by Year 11 and 12. They offer advice about how to maximize learning and give examples of the opportunities that learning a language can bring during the school years and beyond. Language teachers at Scotch College use the video in class to generate discussion about valued approaches and the long-term nature of language learning. It includes English subtitles making it possible for it to be used in any language classroom to inspire your students.

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