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The Future Footprints program is an initiative of AISWA that began in 2004. The program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are attending 17 participating schools in Perth. 

The primary goal of the program is to ensure the engagement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with the education system, to enhance their sense of belonging and self-worth, and provide students with the confidence, knowledge and skills to succeed. Future Footprints is based on an Aboriginal Family Model, of peer support and leadership.

Future Footprints is a well-established partnership between students, schools, parents, communities and sponsors. The broad aim of the program is to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and enhance their opportunities post-school to further education, training, and/or employment.

Future Footprints Students
Guildford Grammar School - Boodjar Bidi Dance Group
Future Footprints Liaison Officer and Students

Each year Future Footprints coordinates a number of initiatives and events that bring together Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from participating schools. Future Footprints has also assisted schools in establishing their own school-based programs, which form an important part of the schools' culture and foster great pride within the Independent School community.

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Future Footprints Newsletters

The Future Footprints Newsletter is distributed to its network of participating schools and partners once per term.

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AISWA member schools participating in the Future Footprints program are listed in the Search for a School directory.

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