CARE Schools

Curriculum and Reengagement in Education (CARE) Schools have as their current prime purpose, the education of secondary aged students who have been unable to access or have significant difficulty in accessing mainstream education.  These young people fall into the category of “young people at risk”.

The majority of students in a CARE School will study a modified curriculum that is designed to address their identified needs. Low or non-existent literacy and numeracy are an issue for a significant number of students and programs designed specifically to address this are provided. Most of the students have significant social issues that need to be addressed before they are able to engage with the curriculum.

Low student to adult ratios are paramount to the success of CARE Schools. Support and ancillary staffing of CARE Schools is a matter for individual schools. There is a range of philosophical approaches to working with disengaged young people, ranging from a belief in the provision of Youth Workers and Counsellors on-site to assist with dealing with many of the issues that this group often have to deal with, through to a commitment to providing these services by teachers who operate in a holistic manner.  

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