AISWA Online Learning

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What is AISWA Online?

AISWA Online is a Learning Management System (LMS), or platform for digital learning. We will use this platform to create and share eLearning courses and online content with our schools and members of our community

What is the purpose of AISWA Online?

AISWA Online provides stakeholders with opportunities to acquire new information or further understandings of known concepts and skills through engaging with eLearning courses.

What are the benefits of AISWA Online?

AISWA Online will provide members with access to high-quality Professional Learning (PL) in an online format. Members will be able to access content and work at their own pace, and at a time and place that suits them; thereby providing a flexible and convenient approach to learning.


What is an eLearning course?

An eLearning course is a program of learning delivered in an online context. Courses will provide members with opportunities to engage with content, acquire new information, or further understandings of known concepts and skills. Courses may also include resource material for teachers and school leaders to support school-based PL programs.

Who can use AISWA Online?

While teachers and school leaders will be significant stakeholders, AISWA Online is also for school governors, business managers and other school staff. 


How will AISWA Online support and engage teachers?

Where appropriate, eLearning courses will align with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and provide additional opportunities for users to accumulate the minimum of 100 hours of annual PL required for full teacher registration.
Engagement ineffective eLearning is generally characterised by similar principles. These include a high level of interactivity or active engagement in learning, chunking content into small amounts, and providing opportunities for reflective practice, where content can be applied in meaningful contexts.

Who will write eLearning courses?

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will be responsible for providing eLearning content and advice to instructional designers. Anyone across AISWA can be an SME!

Who will manage this work?

This work will be managed by a small project team within AISWA, who will manage the overall design and delivery of eLearning content. Instructional designers will work with SMEs to bring their creative ideas to life!

How to register?

Participants register for online PL the same way they register for all other AISWA PL. From the AISWA PL & Event Calendar select the 'AISWA Department' dropdown and apply the filter 'AISWA Online Learning'. 

Want to know more?

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