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AISWA Online Learning (AOL) is an on-demand professional learning provision. It recognises and supports our members' needs for flexibility to access professional learning outside the constraints of set time and place. The AOL courses have been designed or selected by AISWA professionals and span a multitude of topics. Please explore the information below.

Who is Online Learning for?

Courses are designed for teachers, school leaders and Governing body members. Non-members are also able to access Professional Learning events.

How do you register for a course?

Registrations for online courses are via the Professional Learning Calendar. Bulk registrations are possible for certain courses. See the below video for more information.


Will your learning be recognised?

Courses are aligned with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Selected courses allow learners to earn a digital badge.

New and coming soon courses

New courses

  • Responding to and Reporting Online Critical Incidents   
  • STEM Module 2
  • Supporting Inclusion and Digital Wellbeing
  • Unlocking AI: Generative artificial intelligence for educators

Coming soon

  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Making Connections in Mathematics through Storybooks
Online Learning Report

The School Admin account can access and review staff members' online learning course progress and download a report.


Case study and testimony

AISWA, a leader in educational excellence, has undertaken a mission to deliver state-of-the-art online learning experiences to students in Independent schools across Western Australia. The program's objectives include elevating professional development opportunities, providing adaptable learning choices, and nurturing collaborative learning environments. Lauded by learners for its flexibility, pertinence, and transformative impact on teaching practices, the program has garnered praise. Learners reported tangible enhancements in classroom strategies, elevated student engagement, and newfound confidence in leveraging technology. AISWA's online learning initiative stands as a catalyst for positive change in education, instigating a culture of continuous improvement and growth. The program's success fuels AISWA's unwavering commitment to expand and enhance its online learning offerings, a commitment deeply rooted in the invaluable feedback received from its learners.

Witness the impact firsthand - explore our schools' video testimonials and case study document below.

AISWA Online Learning: The story so far...

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Digital badges

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