Digital Badges

What is a digital badge?

Digital badges are portable web-enabled credentials that can be verified in real-time and shared across platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and in an email signature block. Digital badges are awarded for selected Professional Learning events.

What are the benefits of a badge?

Badges are a way of recognising, measuring and verifying learning. They provide evidence of the knowledge, skills and attributes the learner has demonstrated. Badges support a growing worldwide interest in continuing lifelong professional education and are being adopted by many industries and professions.

How is a badge earned?

To earn a badge, certain requirements must be met. This may involve satisfactorily completing activities, assessments and/or projects which demonstrate evidence of learning.

How do the earning criteria for badges differ?

AISWA provides different levels of badges across various categories of learning experiences. The table below shows the requirements for each level.

Earners Learning Criteria

Badge Requirement Table


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Badging process

AISWA's badging process

*Note: AISWA will email participants the Digital Badge opt-in form at the end of each Semester. 

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