Becoming an AISWA Member

Membership of the association is open to Independent Schools that are registered by the State Government and are not for profit. The educational aims, the philosophy of the school and its policies and practices must be consistent with those of the association as outlined in its Vision and Mission statements and the Member's Code of Conduct.

Membership of the association resides in the Employer of Labour at the school; in general, this is the Governing Body.

To be eligible for membership, schools must be located in Western Australia and provide full-time tuition, with adequate staff and equipment, up to at least the completion of the first year of primary education (Pre-Primary).

Application for Membership

If you are interested in applying for membership you will need to complete the online AISWA Membership Application form.

Upon lodgement, your completed application form will be processed by the Secretariat for consideration by the Board of AISWA as per the Approval Protocol; however, if required, AISWA may be able to make full services available to the school upon receipt of the application form, once eligibility for membership has been confirmed. 

Questions regarding membership categories and applicable fee information should be directed to the AISWA Membership Secretary via email.

Is your school already an AISWA member?

AISWA member school staff can login to the Member Portal to view exclusive professional learning opportunities and pricing. 


Not sure if your school is an AISWA Member?

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