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This page offers an opportunity for AISWA Member schools to showcase exciting news about special outcomes, awards and events.

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December 2023 

Kwoorabup Nature School - Denmark, Great Southern


Kwoorabup Nature School is proud to be the first K-6 Nature School in Western Australia. The pedagogical approach is creative, playful, grounded in nature and connected to the community. Children lead their learning. Community connections, Noongar culture and research-based teaching practices that are engaging and inspiring are key elements of delivery.

Congratulations to Kwoorabup for....

  1. National recognition for Kwoorabup Nature School as finalists in Reconciliation Australia's Narragunnawali Awards 2023. Watch this beautiful video showing all the activities that celebrate connection with local Noongar culture on Pibulmun/Minang country. It also provides an interesting insight into the pedagogical strategies employed at this Independent school.

  2. International recognition for the critical thinking skills and ‘learner assets’ produced through focused lessons using ‘visible thinking’ tools (Harvard University). ‘Learning made visible’ in their Yr 3-4 Inquiry project video on Quokkas (above) has been featured in the international teaching journal, Primary Geography (Spring 2023). 

This project featured was undertaken as part of AISWA's 2021 Purposeful Pedagogies ‘Global Competencies in Action’ Project (led by AISWA Curriculum and Pedagogies Consultant, Maree Whitely). In this free publication, two projects by Kwoorabup (previously Spirit of Play) are featured.


Kwoorabup Nature School

Images: From the Kwoorabup Nature School website 


October 2023

'NOW I OWN' - Celebration of Creative Bravery
Alta-1 College (Ellenbrook and Joondalup), Fairbridge College, Port School, SMYL Community College, The Y Vocational School


The NOW I OWN exhibition - a celebration of bravery - was officially launched last week at Council House, highlighting the brilliance of students, teachers, and creative practitioners as part of the 2023’s iteration of Creative Schools between AISWA and FORM. Creative Schools is an 'Innovative Assessment' learning program, championed by AISWA and developed and delivered by FORM, which uses creative teaching and learning strategies to cultivate student agency, and engage students in deep learning of the Western Australian curriculum, the General Capabilities and the Five Habits of Learning. 

This creative learning journey has been taking place in several of AISWA’s Curriculum and Re-Engagement (CARE) schools and involves pairing teachers with creative practitioners. Working together they tackle a curriculum area and devise creative learning strategies that challenge students to think, act and reflect using the five creative habits of persistence, imagination, discipline, collaboration and inquisitiveness.

We congratulate the students and their creatives for these wonderful examples of authentic and creative learning. The students and teachers collaborated with Western Australian creatives Liz Dare, Claire Davenhall, Jodie Davidson, Anne Gee, Amanda Kendle and Kylie Mouat.

NOW I OWN exhibited art

Image: Examples of the students' stunning pieces, proudly produced and exhibited.

Congratulations to all the students, artists and teachers on the beautiful pieces. Their pride in their work was evident, along with their confidence. The speeches were fabulous. Also to Ron Gorman for his amazing work to establish this special project over the last three years. So many young people have benefited in so many ways over each of those years. 

Christine McInnes