The Bulletin 9 December 2021 Term 4 - Issue 10

Thursday, 9 December, 2021

AISWA Professional Learning and other educational events, news, and information.

Attendance at Professional Learning Events and Visitors to AISWA in 2022

With Covid vaccinations compulsory for all staff working in schools from the commencement of the 2022 school year, it will also be a requirement that all attendees at AISWA PL events, and other AISWA visitors, are fully vaccinated. While AISWA is not required to store the evidence of vaccination, we will need to sight the proof of vaccination as attendees arrive. This can be in the form of a COVID-19 digital certificate or an immunisation history statement. All AISWA staff in the office will be fully vaccinated from the commencement of Term One 2022.

Featured AISWA Professional Learning
Date Event Title Code
Jan 18 2022
Masterclass - An Introduction to School Funding and Financial Management in Independent Schools
  • Leadership
Jan 19 2022
Developing a digital pedagogy: Integrating ICT into your classroom
  • ICT Skills and Integration
  • STEM
  • Technologies
Jan 19 2022
Masterclass - An Introduction to Regulatory Frameworks & Compliance in Independent Schools
  • Leadership
Jan 20 2022
Masterclass - An Introduction to Leading the People in Independent Schools
  • Leadership
Jan 21 2022
Brightpath: Next Steps. Leading Innovative Teaching
  • English
Feb 14 2022
ONLINE: 2022 Mentors for Early Career Teachers
  • Leadership
Feb 15 2022
2022 Graduate to Proficient
  • Part 1 15th Feb 2022
  • Part 2 16th Feb 2022
  • Part 3 12th Apr 2022
  • Part 4 4th Jul 2022
  • Part 5 17th Oct 2022
Feb 18 2022
General and Foundation English Network Day
  • Literacy
Mar 1 2022
Mathematics: PP - Year 6: Effective Differentiation and Assessment - Engaging Students in Number
  • Numeracy
Mar 2 2022
New AISWA Principals Network
  • Leadership
  • Part 1 2nd Mar 2022
  • Part 2 25th May 2022
  • Part 3 17th Aug 2022
  • Part 4 9th Nov 2022
Mar 2 2022
2022 Women in Leadership Network Meeting - No. 1
  • Leadership
Mar 3 2022
Scaffolding Adolescent Literacy
  • Literacy
Mar 4 2022
English Literature Network Day
  • Literacy
Mar 10 2022
Playing with Place Value
  • Mathematics
  • Numeracy
Mar 10 2022
2022 National Certification Project
  • Leadership
  • Part 1 10th Mar 2022
  • Part 2 13th Apr 2022
  • Part 3 4th Aug 2022
  • Part 4 6th Oct 2022
Mar 14 2022
Sharp Reading: Guided Reading for Decoding
  • Literacy
Mar 15 2022
Sharp Reading: Guided Reading for Comprehension
  • Literacy
Mar 15 2022
2022 Middle Leaders
  • Leadership
  • Part 1 15th Mar 2022
  • Part 2 2nd Jun 2022
  • Part 3 9th Aug 2022
Mar 16 2022
Using Mathematical Milestones in Developing a Whole School Approach to Basic Number Facts
  • Mathematics
  • Numeracy
Mar 16 2022
Sharp Reading: Comprehension Strategy Instruction - Secondary
  • Literacy
Mar 17 2022
Sharp Reading: Comprehension and Critical Thinking (Prerequisite: Comprehension Strategy Instruction Stage 3)
  • Literacy
Mar 18 2022
Secondary English Network Day
  • Literacy
Mar 18 2022
Sharp Reading: Struggling Older Readers
  • Literacy
Mar 29 2022
Maximising High Impact Teaching Strategies in Maths: The Greatest HITS
  • Mathematics
Apr 7 2022
2022 Aspiring Leaders
  • Leadership
  • Part 1 7th Apr 2022
  • Part 2 28th Jul 2022
  • Part 3 15th Sep 2022
Apr 11 2022
Stretching at Your Edges: Growing (Up) at Work - Deferred until Further Notice
  • Leadership
Apr 12 2022
Creating Independent Learners Using The Daily 5
  • Literacy
Apr 21 2022
Programming and Assessment, English, Using Backward Design
  • English
May 25 2022
2022 Women in Leadership Network Meeting - No. 2
  • Leadership
Jul 14 2022
Making the Most of Maths Games Conference: 5 Guiding Principles
  • Mathematics

New Teacher Quality and School Leadership Development Program

Each year AISWA, will be providing an opportunity for an individual to join its Teacher Quality and School Leadership Team as part of a Leadership Development Program.  This initiative is designed to provide one person each year with immersive personal development and growth.  The program is suited to teachers and those in middle leadership roles who are aspiring to be a head of school or Principal and are looking for opportunities to develop their skills and experience in the wider profession and across a wide range of school environments and contexts.

Participants in the initiative will be able to take a deep dive into consultancy and change leadership to grow people and teams in a multitude of settings.

It is envisaged that at the end of each year the successful participant(s) will take their newly acquired skills and experiences and return to a school environment.

For more information about this initiative or to apply for the 2022 position, please click Here.


National Schools Constitutional Convention 2022 - Seeking Expressions of Interest

The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia is seeking applications from students to attend the Australian Government, Department of Education Skills and Employment (DESE) National Schools Constitutional Convention 2022 (NSCC2022).

Eligible students are invited to apply to participate in the NSCC2022. Please find the attached  Application Form to pass on to your students.

To be eligible students must be enrolled in Year 10 or 11 in Western Australia in 2021.

Applicants would also be well placed to:

  • Have attended the WA State Schools Constitutional Convention 2021, and or
  • ​Provide evidence of participation in extra-curricular events and other academic pursuits.

Expression of Interest application forms must be emailed to the Constitutional Centre, via, by 11:59pm Sunday 12 December 2021. Submissions received after this date cannot be included in the selection process.

The date and location for the NSCC2022 are still to be confirmed by DESE, however, we expect that this event will take place over three days in Term 1 2022.

If possible students will travel to Canberra to attend in person with peers from around the country. If it will not be possible for students to meet in Canberra, we will (subject to health restrictions) bring together a small group of students from Western Australia to the Constitutional Centre in West Perth, to join the convention virtually.


UWA Micro-credential courses for primary and secondary school teachers

Upon completion, you will get 3 Credit points which will contribute to your future degrees 

The first micro-credential courses on teaching Einsteinian physics to primary and secondary school students will start early next year. Teachers will learn modern concepts of space and time, gravity, energy and light through simple fun activities that use toys and models to uncover the basic ideas. They will become proficient with a broad range of classroom activities, and become confident about using them in their classrooms.

Teachers do not need a science degree to discover our best understanding of the universe.

The Einstein-First team would like to invite principals to support their teachers with the fees for this very valuable professional learning experience that will inspire them to make their teaching more fun and engaging for their students.

For more information, please click on the following links:
Micro-credential course for primary school teachers
Micro-credential course for secondary school teachers

For any inquiries, please contact Jyoti Kaur at