The Bulletin 31 May 2018 Term 2 - Issue 6

Thursday, 31 May, 2018

AISWA Professional Learning and other educational events, news and information

Featured AISWA Professional Learning
Date Event Title Code
Jun 6 2018
Using the EAL/D Progress Maps
  • EAL/D
Jun 12 2018
Engaging in Problem Solving and Reasoning Tasks - Teaching with tasks for effective maths learning
  • Numeracy
Jun 15 2018
Tackling Technologies: PRIMARY 1-6 (2018 No.2)
  • ICT Skills and Integration
  • STEM
  • Technologies
Jun 18 2018
Sharp Reading: Comprehension Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Jun 18 2018
Taxation and Payroll Seminar
  • Administration
Jun 19 2018
Leading the team not just the people: team leadership for middle leaders
  • Leadership
Jun 19 2018
Sharp Reading: Decoding Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Jun 20 2018
The High Performing Senior Leadership Team
  • Leadership
Jun 21 2018
Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Certification Network Meeting
  • Leadership
Jun 22 2018
Supporting our Learners: Curriculum Symposium 11875
Jun 27 2018
Primary Connections Teacher Course
  • Literacy
  • Science
Jul 9 2018
OS&H Representative 5 Day Course
  • Administration
  • Part 1 9th Jul 2018
  • Part 2 10th Jul 2018
  • Part 3 11th Jul 2018
  • Part 4 12th Jul 2018
  • Part 5 13th Jul 2018
Jul 24 2018
Schools that Deliver: Creating Cultures of Learning
  • Leadership
Jul 25 2018
Women in Educational Leadership Network Meetings
  • Leadership

Dr Gary Stager “Invent to Learn” Masterclass (Teaching Technologies)

There is only about A WEEK LEFT to register for this fantastic opportunity to participate in a full-day “Invent To Learn” masterclass delivered by internationally renowned Dr Gary Stager. There are still 15 places available. Join about 80 colleagues from all jurisdictions to experience some of the joys of teaching Technologies!
For more information and to register please click here 

Webinar Invitation: Expand their worlds while keeping them safe.

International SOS is bringing together schools that successfully manage risks associated with medical and security in an education-focused webinar. Topics will include:
- Protecting your school community
- Staying informed; preventing incidents through risk assessments and intelligence
- Developing an inclusive education; how to appropriately manage risks so everyone can participate
- Demonstrating compliance;  how a school community demonstrates they are committed to protecting students and staff
- Security planning tips and considerations when travelling to high and medium security risk destinations
- Medical response plans and travelling with students with health needs  
For more information and to register please click here

Developing a Whole School Approach to Problem Solving and Worded Problems - Repeat

Following the success of AISWA’s recent 2 day “Developing a Whole School Approach to Problem Solving and Worded Problems” workshop run by Dr Paul Swan and David Dunstan, AISWA is running a repeat of this workshop on 7th and 8th August. Participants will be given a range of support documents for developing a coherent approach to problem solving in mathematics. A particular focus will be on the literacies required to cope with solving word problems. Practical advice and 'hands-on' support materials will be provided to get a school going on the path to a coherent approach to problem solving across the school. Some reference will be made to NAPLAN as a source of word problems. Schools are encouraged to send along more than one staff member so plans for implementing a school-wide approach can be formulated.
For more information and to register please click here 

Teaching Children with Autism and Anxiety in Mainstream Classrooms| Perth- Saturday, 23rd June | Bunbury -Tuesday,17th July

This workshop is best suited for those supporting verbal children between the ages of 6-18 who have a diagnosis, or pending diagnosis of ASD (or Asperger Syndrome under the old diagnostic criteria) who experience feelings of Anxiety. Lesson ideas and practical strategies are provided based on the assumption that the student does not have 1:1 support. For more content information and registration please visit the links below:
Sat 23rd June, ECU Mt Lawley, Perth - click Link Expired 
Tues 17th July, Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre - click Link Expired