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Schools that Deliver: Creating Cultures of Learning

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Starting on 24 Jul 2018
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A rare opportunity to hear from two exceptional leaders and authors who know how to change a vision from a dream into a plan that works. John and Bill have guided transformative change in multiple settings and "have a unique treasury of wisdom that spans the range from big picture thinking to daily actions of leaders who build trust." Jon Saphier

Having studied closely how cultures grow inside education, business and elite sport we have learned what to look for. There are recognisable trajectories, hierarchies and sequences. You ignore culture at your peril.

Cultures of learning are central to why schools exist. Whilst there are common elements, there are also significant differences, between productive learning cultures for students and those for staff. Knowing how to build both is crucial.

Ed Schein reminds us that whilst culture is an abstraction, the forces that derive from culture are powerful. If we do not understand the operation of these forces, we can easily become victim to them. 

Throughout this day we will explore what to pay attention to in your school, what things mean, how to respond skilfully to what is going on, and what actions give you highest leverage.


John Edwards

John Edwards

John Edwards explores and develops human potential.  He is one of the few cognitive science researchers to turn his research into award-winning practice in the education, corporate and high-performance sports worlds.  John's work is in use across twenty countries.  It is based on respecting and tapping the rich experience and knowledge inside people and organisations.

Bill Martin

Bill Martin

Bill Martin has a passion for teachers, children, and schools.  Motivated by his early learning difficulties, Bill chose to teach.  He has lived an award-winning career as a teacher and principal in the United States.  Today he supports the building of leadership capacity and learning cultures in schools across six countries.

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24 Jul 2018 Starts: 08:30 Finishes: 16:00

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Wollaston Conference Centre - Perth

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