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Starting on 22 Jun 2018
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Deputies, Heads of Learning Areas, and school leaders are invited to this Curriculum symposium which will include two presentations: one from Colin Pettit (Commissioner for Children and Young People) and the second from Valerie Gould (Executive Director AISWA). Colin will speak about the findings from a consultation with children and young people to ascertain factors that influence their engagement in school. Valerie will provide an overview of the Review to Achieve Education Excellence in Australian schools (Gonski 2), and address the supporting evidence and potential impacts for schools.

Commissioner for Children and Young People Colin Pettit will present the key findings from his major education consultation with 1,800 WA school students. This consultation explored the factors that influence a student’s level of engagement in school and the complex interplay these factors have on each other and their overall engagement. Much effort has been put into developing resources, frameworks, policies and programs to support and engage students. This work is important and has helped many students, but by listening to the voices of children and young people, it is clear there is more to be done to create a truly responsive and equitable education system.

The Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools (Gonski 2 Report) was released in April this year and consisted of 23 recommendations across five areas:

  • laying the foundations for learning;
  • equipping every student to grow and succeed in a changing world;
  • creating, supporting and valuing the profession of expert educators;
  • empowering and supporting school leaders and raising, and
  • achieving aspirations through innovation and continuous improvement.

This session will provide an overview of the report and how many of these recommendations link to effective practices as outlined in a range of national and international reports.

This report will also inform the National School Reform Agreement so has the potential to impact all schools in Australia if these recommendations are to be implemented as part of this agreement.


Valerie Gould(AISWA Staff)

Executive Director
Valerie Gould<span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Valerie Gould became the Executive Director of the Association of Independent Schools of WA in July 2008. She has worked for many years in the Western Australian education system with her first four years teaching Economics and Mathematics. The following seven years were spent working in New York with Ernst and Young, and being greatly involved in the introduction of microcomputer applications into business. She returned to WA in 1986 as Director of Computing at St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School for seven years.

During the early 1990s she worked with the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (at the time the Secondary Education Authority) for four and a half years before joining AISWA as the Manager of Curriculum and Australian Government Targeted Programs. She has been with AISWA for more than 10 years and has worked closely with schools and other stakeholders in the areas of curriculum change, Curriculum Framework and Senior Secondary Education; and in meeting government regulations from a national and state perspective. Valerie has a Bachelor of Economics and a Diploma of Education, and is a Fellow of the Australian College of Educators and the Australian Council for Educational Leadership.

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