Yr 11 Question Banks

Question banks for Units 1 & 2 of the Year 11 WACE  Second Language ATAR courses were developed at a series of cross-sector workshops offered by Languages Consultants from the Department of Education, the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia (AISWA), and the Catholic Education Office. The lists include suggested questions that could be a useful resource for teachers to use in their teaching and learning programmes to act as guiding questions and to stimulate oral communication.  They have been presented in a Word document so that teachers can make their own changes.

Teachers also brainstormed types of questions linked to Bloom's Revised Taxonomy in each target language.  These have been compiled to create Posters that may be of use in Languages offices and classrooms.

The description of units for all the Second Language ATAR courses can be accessed from the School Curriculum and Standards Authority website for Languages.

Thank you, ありがとう, terima kasih, dankeschön, merci,  謝謝 and grazie to all participating teachers for their valuable input.

22 January, 2015
Teacher professional development
WACE Languages Curriculum