The Bulletin 7 November 2019 Term 4 - Issue 5

Thursday, 7 November, 2019

AISWA Professional Learning and other educational events, news and information

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Featured AISWA Professional Learning: 
DateEvent TitleCode
Jan 1 1970
micro:bits and more with Pakronics
  • ICT Skills and Integration
  • Science
  • STEM
  • Technologies
Nov 13 2019
Mathematics: Effective Differentiation and Assessment - Engaging Students in Early Number and Place Value 3-6
  • Numeracy
Nov 14 2019
Digital Privacy, Safety and Security: the interplay between legal, technical and moral obligations
  • Technologies
Nov 15 2019
Registration Seminar
  • Governance
  • Leadership
Nov 18 2019
General Human Biology Exploration
  • Science
Nov 20 2019
South-west Languages Workshop
  • Languages
Nov 20 2019
Promoting Languages: a whole school approach
  • Languages
Nov 21 2019
Languages Methodology Masterclass
  • EAL/D
  • Languages
Dec 2 2019
Not For Profit Accounting Update for FY 2019/20 Reporting 12459
Dec 3 2019
Music Network Day
  • The Arts
Dec 4 2019
Dance Network Day
  • The Arts
Jan 21 2020
REPEAT: PEEL/ ROCKINGHAM REGION TEACHERS: Mathematics: Effective Differentiation and Assessment - Ideas for 2020 (PP - 4)
  • Numeracy
Jan 22 2020
GEOGRAPHE BAY REGION TEACHERS: Mathematics: Effective Differentiation and Assessment - Ideas for 2020
  • Numeracy
Jan 24 2020
Mathematics Headstart (PP-2 Focus)
  • Numeracy
Jan 24 2020
Mathematics Headstart (3-6 Focus)
  • Numeracy
Jan 28 2020
Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention Training
  • Psychology and Wellbeing
  • Part 1 28th - 29th Jan 2020
  • Part 2 29th Jan 2020
Jan 28 2020
PEEL REGION TEACHERS: Mathematics: Differentiation and Assessment in Addition and Subtraction
  • Numeracy
Feb 17 2020
Sharp Reading Comprehension Strategy Instruction(BUSSELTON) Open to Cornerstone School only
  • Literacy
  • Part 1 17th Feb 2020
  • Part 2 18th Feb 2020
Feb 17 2020
Sharp Reading: Decoding Strategy Instruction(BUSSELTON) Open to Conerstone school only
  • Literacy
  • Part 1 17th Feb 2020
  • Part 2 18th Feb 2020
Mar 17 2020
Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Psychology and Wellbeing
  • Part 1 17th Mar 2020
  • Part 2 24th Mar 2020

AISWA Services Survey | Closing date for the link has been extended until Friday 15 November.

As part of the Association of Independent Schools of Western Australia's (AISWA) pursuit of continual improvement and best practice, the AISWA Board wishes to obtain research informed views and insights regarding the current services provided as well as possible areas that should be considered for future strategies. To gain feedback, members and other persons who have utilised or been involved with AISWA's services will be invited to complete an online questionnaire. For more information, please click Here

Digital Privacy, Safety and Security: the interplay between legal, technical and moral obligations.
14th November, 08.45 - 12.45 | AIM WA- Floreat.

With connected technology now being used in the majority of classrooms, it’s critical for schools to increase their understanding about keeping student data safe, including clear insight into what data is being collected, stored and shared by edtech vendors, and what those companies might make of that data. For more information, and to register please click  Here 

The Book of Stone Launch Invite | 15th November | The literacy Centre, Fremantle

You are invited to the Launch of The Book of Stone by Mark Greenwood iIlustrated by Carol Tulloch, to be launched by Mr Ron Gorman, Deputy Director, Asssociation of Independent Schools of Western Australia. For more information, please click  false

Australian Stockholm Junior Water Prize - Entries close 16 December 2019

The Stockholm Junior Water Prize is the world’s most prestigious youth award given to a high school student for water research. In Australia, the Australian Water Association organises the national competition, with support from Xylem
The winner of the Australian competition is invited to participate in the international competition held each year during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, competing with over 30 countries in the international final.  
For secondary/senior school students, entering this award can create employment opportunities for the future, offers the chance to network with individuals across the globe and allows the winner to attend both Ozwater’20 in Adelaide from 5-7 May 2020 Melbourne and World Water Week in Stockholm. For more information, please click  Here 

2020 Cluedunnit Kids Competition – Mission Investigate

Cluedunnit Kids addresses WA Curriculum General Capabilities; Literacy, ICTCapability, Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability and Ethical Understanding. Cluedunnit Kids gets Year 6 and Year 5/6 student teams to investigate a fictional criminal offence with the goal of identifying the offender. A brief of evidence provides clues and students ask questions to get further evidence to identify the offender and eliminate other suspects. For more information please click Here

2020 Clean Up Australia Youth Ally 

2020 will mark 30 years since the first national Clean Up Australia Day in 1990. Clean Up Australia Day is the largest community mobilisation event in the nation, with over 17.7 million Australians donating more than 35 million hours to volunteer with Clean Up since our inception.
The 30th Clean Up Australia Day will be held on Sunday 1 March 2020.
For reference, please see the registration links:-
for pre/primary schools.
Link for high schools.
For more information, please click on the Flyer