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AISWA have recently migrated Teacher Stories from the former AISWA Languages website to this new section. Here is the old 'Ecoutons!' page created in 2012 with valuable resources for senior secondary French students. We often get queries about these listening test items created for the old WACE courses but still extremely useful for the new courses (ie since 2015/16):

Creating listening tests to provide students with practice for the WACE examinations is a complex and difficult task for teachers. Finding or creating a text of suitable standard and content is time-consuming and recording the text in the examination format with repetition and pauses requires native speakers, the right equipment and technical expertise. No wonder that having a bank of listening test items is on the wish-list whenever teachers get together.

Enter fairy Godmothers Gigi Thiele and Meryl Creewel (Wesley College). Gigi and Meryl who have produced sixteen new audio texts, complete with transcripts, questions and answers for use in senior French classes.  Topics include Les immigrés clandestins, Les Tatouages, Après le Bac and Le 'binge-drinking'.

For each topic, there is an MP3 audio file and a word document for you to download. Gigi, Meryl and AISWA Languages are grateful to the French language assistants* who recorded the texts.

A la recherche d'une profession


Apres le BAC

Binge Drinking


Etudier en Australie



Immigres clandestins

Immigres diplomes



Ideas for teaching
WACE Languages Curriculum