The Bulletin 30 May 2019 Term 2 - Issue 5

Thursday, 30 May, 2019

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DateEvent TitleCode
Jun 7 2019
STE(A)Ming into (Geraldton) History - What does significance look like?
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Technologies
Jun 10 2019
Hard Conversations Unpacked
  • Leadership
Jun 10 2019
Inclusive Education Funding Applications - Criteria and Processes - Free Session
  • Inclusive Education
Jun 11 2019
Being Generationally Savvy: Working Effectively with all Generations
  • Leadership
Jun 12 2019
Why do students find money concepts challenging?
  • Numeracy
Jun 12 2019
Swimming in the Deep End - What Does It Take?
  • Leadership
Jun 12 2019
Rich Language Tasks in Early Childhood Years
  • Languages
  • Part 1 12th Jun 2019
  • Part 2 11th Sep 2019
Jun 13 2019
Hard Conversations Unpacked (Albany)
  • Leadership
Jun 14 2019
2019 Fundamental Movement Skills Refresher Course
  • Early Childhood
Jun 14 2019
Swimming in the Deep End - What Does It Take? (Albany)
  • Leadership
Jun 17 2019
Swimming in the Deep End - What Does It Take? (Margaret River)
  • Leadership
Jun 17 2019
STEM in Practice (KodeKLIX) Middle School Project Design Term 2
  • Gifted Education
  • Science
  • STEM
  • Technologies
Jun 18 2019
Hard Conversations Unpacked (Bunbury)
  • Leadership
Jun 21 2019
  • VET/Work Studies
  • Part 1 21st Jun 2019
  • Part 2 21st Jun 2019
Jun 24 2019
Taxation and Payroll Seminar
  • Administration
Jul 16 2019
Programming and Assessment with the WA Curriculum, English
  • English
Jul 17 2019
Why do students find money concepts challenging?
  • Numeracy
Jul 18 2019
Scaffolding Adolescent Literacy
  • Literacy
Jul 29 2019
Sharp Reading: Decoding Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Jul 31 2019
Sharp Reading Comprehension Strategy Instruction (Secondary)
  • Literacy
Aug 2 2019
Sharp Reading: Struggling Older Readers
  • Literacy
Aug 3 2019
The Aspiring Women Leaders Conference 2019
  • Leadership
Aug 7 2019
Youth Mental Health First Aid
  • Psychology and Wellbeing
  • Part 1 7th Aug 2019
  • Part 2 14th Aug 2019
Aug 12 2019
CANCELLED - Facing up to Fractions: Using Tasks to Assess Knowledge and Understanding
  • Numeracy
  • Part 1 12th Aug 2019
  • Part 2 13th Aug 2019
Aug 13 2019
Productive noise: Fabulous writers (Talk: Essential for good writing) PRIMARY
  • Literacy
Aug 14 2019
Productive noise: Fabulous writers (Talk: Essential for good writing) SECONDARY
  • Literacy

Filling the Data Gap: International Engagement in the School Sector project

This aims to measure the extent of international engagement in Australian schools. The project is being managed by i-graduate and is fully funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training through an Enabling Growth and Innovation (EGI) grant.Schools are encouraged to complete the survey which is open until 28 June 2019 and will be accepting registrations close to the closing date. 
For more information, please click Here

Primary Connections - Trial Teachers Needed for Science Resources!

Primary Connections is developing a new digital platform which will enable teachers to adopt the Primary Connections teaching and learning approach in a way that is responsive to students’ learning needs and guided by current research and best practice. For further information please click Here 

PTCWA: Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities:Mondays @ Murdoch 

Monday June 10, 2019 4:30-5:30pm
Before, During and After Teaching and Learning: Making the Most of BYOD Programs
iPads and tablets are a part of our day-to-day lives. So, why are they not a part of our day-to-day teaching and learning experiences? This presentation will explore different ways teachers can make the most of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs in their classrooms. Learn to utilise iPads beyond game-play and engage students in your teaching and learning activities through the use of smart technology. You will see examples of practice, where iPad technology and apps are used in assessment and activities before, during and after teaching and learning.
For more information and to register please click Here

Monday July 1, 2019 4:30-5:30pm
Shifting Educational Paradigms
Do you know of a school student that falls through the cracks? They are a brilliant person but don’t seem to thrive at school? What about students that go under the radar? Or are really successful outside of school but not in school? Chelsea Horner co-founder of in8Ed and author of ‘Generation Failure and the in8model Educator Revolution’ will shed some light on how all students can thrive at school. Come and find out what happens in our brains on a deeper level when we have an experience and how we learn. Is it possible to cater for all students in school? If there were a way would you take the risk to try it?  
For more information and to register please click  Here