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Swimming in the Deep End - What Does It Take? (Margaret River)

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Starting on 17 Jun 2019
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No matter what role we play in a school (teacher, team lead, admin), we all strive to make a difference for students. We have initiatives we want to roll out, mandates to fulfill, and projects to design. Yet with how fast we move in education these days, we don't spend enough time on our communication around those projects and we end up being less successful as we could be in getting our messages across. We need to build up a skillset of messaging capabilities, ‘resistance management’ strategies and for the sake of our health, our ‘stress tolerance’. This workshop will provide support, a laugh, and some cognitive, social and psychological resources to help you communicate more effectively, confidently and collaboratively about whatever project or initiative you are undertaking.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Assess their cognitive, social and psychological 'deep end' skill sets
  • Learn more about decision making and implementation of decisions, the complexity of it all and where we ‘trip up’ in our messaging around decisions
  • Look at the research around resistance to change and develop a tool kit for managing resistance
  • Develop a bandwidth and strength around psychologically managing our ourselves and building our 'stress tolerance' during times of change

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Jennifer Abrams

We are delighted to present a series of master classes presented by Jennifer Abrams.  Jennifer is an international educational and communications consultant for public and independent schools, hospitals, universities and not for profit organisations.  Jennifer considers herself a ‘voice coach’ helping others to learn how to best use their voices.

Jennifer’s publications include Having Hard Conversations, The Multigenerational Workplace: Communicating, Collaborating & Creating Community and Hard Conversations Unpacked.  Other publications include "Planning Productive Talk", Educational Leadership (October 2011), her chapter, “Habits of Mind for the School Savvy Leader” in Art Costa’s and Bena Kallick’s book, Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind: 16 Essential Characteristics for Success, and her contribution to the book, Mentors in the Making: Developing New Leaders for New Teachers published by Teachers College Press. 


Jennifer has been recognized as one of “18 Women All K-12 Educators Need to Know” and Educational Entrepreneurship’s 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year.


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Starts: 09:00
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Margaret River Independent School
10890 Bussell Highway, Forest Grove WA 6286

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