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Scaffolding Adolescent Literacy

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This course provides middle years teachers with practical classroom strategies that focus on reading improvement and enabling students to successfully access complex texts across different learning areas.

Scaffolding Adolescent Literacy is a full day of Professional Development  covering 3  key literacy areas. Participants receive the Scaffolding Adolescent Literacy workbook filled with practical classroom activities covering the following topics: 

1. Reading Comprehension focusses on enabling students to develop metacognition, that is, a deeper understanding of the reading process. Teachers will acquire practical activities to teach and improve reading comprehension for their students.

2. Building Vocabulary is essential to reading comprehension. This workshop assists teachers to support students in building their academic and subject specific vocabulary.

3. Speaking & Listening. The third aspect of the course equips teachers with effective tools and ideas to strengthen listening skills and engage their students in rich classroom dialogue, a key factor for improvement in student learning.


Christopher Witt(AISWA Staff)

Literacy Consultant | Animal Ethics Executive Officer
Christopher Witt<span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Christopher Witt joined AISWA in 2009. Prior to that he was a Consultant at STEPS Professional Development.  At STEPS, Chris developed a literacy resource for secondary teachers: Tactical Teaching Reading. It included materials and professional learning courses and had great success nationally and internationally, helping many secondary teachers to successfully support literacy across their curriculum area.

After teaching for 25 years, Chris worked in various advisory and consultancy roles in curriculum improvement. He has been at AISWA for 12 years as a Literacy Consultant providing support for teachers and schools in professional learning and literacy improvement initiatives. This includes Sharp Reading, First Steps and Primary Connections. Key PL programs developed by Chris at AISWA include Scaffolding Adolescent Literacy and Programming and Assessment in English (P-10). 

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18 Jul 2019
Starts: 09:00
Finishes: 15:30

AISWA Seminar Room (First Floor)

PL Hours : 6.00

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  • Literacy

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  • Secondary (7-10)

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