School Psychologist of the Year Award 2019

Monday, 24 June, 2019

School Psychologist of the Year Award 2019

Each year the School Psychologists’ Association of WA Inc (SPAWA) recognises the significant contribution made by school psychologists to education in Western Australia through their annual awards.  These awards acknowledge and celebrate the difference school psychologists make to the lives of young people and to their school communities.

The awards are Early Career School Psychologist of the Year Award, school psychologists in their first five years of practice, and School Psychologist of the Year Award, for more experienced school psychologists. 

School Principals, Professional Leaders (School Psychology Service) and Managers/Coordinators across all services, CEWA, AISWA and DoE, are invited to nominate outstanding school psychologists who have worked in schools in 2018 and/or 2019 through the provision of a statement about the psychologists’ contributions to the schools.

Nominations close on Friday, 9th August.

The attached flyers provide additional information and criteria.  They are also available at  

Enquiries may be made to Chrystal Makene 0436673175 or via email on