The Bulletin 25 January 2018 Term 1 - Issue 1

Thursday, 25 January, 2018

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DateEvent TitleCode
Jan 30 2018
Revised National Quality Standards Leaders Update Regional Schools Skype Session
  • Early Childhood
Jan 31 2018
Revised National Quality Standards Leaders Update
  • Early Childhood
Feb 8 2018
Sharp Reading: Decoding Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Feb 9 2018
Revised National Quality Standards Leaders Update
  • Early Childhood
Feb 9 2018
Sharp Reading: Comprehension Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Feb 12 2018
Mentoring Early Career Teachers
  • Leadership
Feb 12 2018
Graduate to Proficient - Mentoring and Early Career Teacher
  • Leadership
  • Part 1 12th Feb 2018
  • Part 2 13th Feb 2018
Feb 13 2018
Graduate to Proficient (G2P) 2018
  • Leadership
  • Part 1 13th Feb 2018
  • Part 2 14th Feb 2018
  • Part 3 19th Apr 2018
  • Part 4 28th Jun 2018
  • Part 5 27th Sep 2018
Feb 19 2018
Scaffolding Adolescent Literacy
  • Literacy
Feb 22 2018
National Certification Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Information Session
  • Leadership
Feb 24 2018
Career Management Planning
  • Leadership
Feb 26 2018
How Language Works: Success in Literacy and Learning
  • Literacy
  • Part 1 26th Feb 2018
  • Part 2 6th Apr 2018
  • Part 3 7th May 2018
  • Part 4 25th May 2018
  • Part 5 18th Jun 2018
Feb 28 2018
National Certification Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Information Session
  • Leadership

4th Future of Youth Employment Forum, WA | 21-23rd February 2018 | Perth

The Future of Youth Employment Forum will explore the best strategies for re-engaging disengaged youth and facilitating effective pathways to meaningful employment. This event is bring WA’s most influential thought-leaders together to share best practices for collaboration between schools, universities, government bodies and not-for-profits. As endorsers of this event, AISWA members are entitled to a 10% discount off pass rates with VIP code AFXA1.

Please visit the website for more information

Schools / Youth Clean Up Day Friday 2 March 2018

Clean Up Australia Day 2018 is just around the corner, with registrations due by February 12. Registration is free, quick and easy. Simply enter your details at or contact James at for any more information.

AATE/ALEA National Conference | Call for Presentations: Due 31 January 2018

A reminder that the Call for Presentations for the Perth Conference is due to close on 31 January 2018.  The Conference will be held at the Perth Convention Centre, 8-11 July 2018. AATE and ALEA invite applications to present a 60 or 25 minute Workshop or a 25 minute Research Paper to assist English and literacy educators explore our Conference Strands

Please see attached PDF for more information  2018 AATE ALEA CALL FOR PRESENTERS.pdf     

Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prizes

It's time for students with a knack for communicating, and budding filmmakers with an interest in science, to pull out their cameras.There is a prize pool of $10,000 up for grabs to be shared between the winners and their schools, and finalist representatives also win a trip to Sydney for the Australian Museum Eureka Prizes Award Dinner.

Please visit the website for more information Link Expired

Primary Science Leaders Meetings

Primary Science leaders and teachers are invited to attend this meeting to discuss the space and equipment used to deliver an engaging, appropriate science program to students in a primary setting. Safety and storage/management of equipment are important for teachers to feel confident and be effective in using the time and space available for science at each school.  - conducted in conjunction with CEWA; DoE teachers also welcome to attend.

Please see attached word document for more information Primary Science Meetings.docx

Mondays @ Murdoch12th February School and Learning Through the Eyes of Students

In this seminar, Colin will provide a detailed overview of findings from a consultation with more than 1,800 Year 3 to Year 12 students in Western Australia. The insights and  responses from the consultation are both compelling and thought provoking and will challenge teachers’ and educators’ perceptions of school and learning.

For more information Please click here

Mondays @ Murdoch26th February | Leading with Clarity, Calmness and Focus

How well we perform depends on where we choose to focus. The best thoughts arise when our mind is clear, calm and focused. In this seminar, Johanne will introduce the concepts of mindfulness and mental effectiveness as applied for school leaders, and explore how simple but powerful mindfulness techniques can radically transform leadership capabilities and improve personal wellbeing.

For more information  Please click here