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How many of us have a career management plan?  What is one? 
Having a career management plan helps you manage the direction you want your career to take; the job skills, knowledge and experiences you will need, and how to get them. Don't leave your career path to chance…get prepared now!  I have developed a detailed 9-stage plan to help you have a competitive advantage and feel more confident.  Leaving it to the last moment results in unnecessary anxiety, unpreparedness and not putting your best self forward; often resulting in you not getting your dream job or desired position.
This is a practical, hands-on workshop giving you a structured approach to your desired career pathway.  Completion of this Career Management Planning workshop will follow a 9 stage plan.  Each stage will address specific career related questions:
  1. What skills do you already possess? (Where are you now?)
  2. What is holding you back? (How do you address self-limiting beliefs or obstacles?)
  3. What do you want for your career?  (Where do you want to go?)
  4. How might you get there? (What steps do you need to take to get there?)
  5. Who can help? (What resources might I use?  How do I effectively network?)
  6. What are some “do’s and don’ts’’ of resume writing? (Using your existing résumé how can you improve it?)
  7. How do I give a compelling interview? (What are some “do’s and don’ts’’?)
  8. How do I request, receive and action feedback? (How do I develop stronger resiliency skills?)
  9. What next?  What else will you do? (Putting it altogether: Creating my personalised career management plan).
Using Everything DiSC ® Workplace assessment plus other self-assessments, we will examine the skills and experiences you currently possess. Information unpacked from stages 1-5 provides the foundation for the workshop where we will work on creating a career management plan based on your needs, skills, knowledge and desires. During your breaks, you will also get a chance to put into practice some networking advice. From here, we will then discover cutting edge tips on resume writing, how to deliver a compelling interview, and how to request feedback and then action it in our plans. You will walk away with a Career Management Plan for your own unique leadership fingerprint.
All personalised assessments and workbook are a part of the cost of the workshop.

Ignite your career path now!


Dr Suzanne Goodman

Dr Suzanne Goodman

Dr Suzanne Goodman is founder and director of Goodman Solutions. Goodman Solutions specialises in leadership development, career coaching and conflict resolution services.

Suzanne is a nationally accredited mediator, conflict resolution trainer and coach. She is a certified international professional leadership coach specializing in Intelligent Leadership™, Conversational Leadership™ and Conscious Business coaching. She has a particular passion for women in leadership, middle management and future leaders. Suzanne is a trained administrator in many psychometric profiling tools such as Myers Briggs, DiSC, TKI Conflict Management to name a few.

From 2020, Suzanne’s leadership coaching clients came from a range of industries including government, resource sector, manufacturing, finances, IT etc consisting of many Fortune 500 companies. Most clients are in senior management roles or early career. So, she has a demonstrated breadth and depth understanding of career development. This is further supported by her role as national program coordinator for a specific group from the Royal Australian Navy in which she coordinates and coaches these Defence personnel in transitioning to civilian employment.

Suzanne has had over 35 years professional experience. Nearly 30 years was in education and the remainder as a small business owner. In education, she spent the majority of her time in leadership and management roles such as a school principal, curriculum development manager and state gifted and talented coordinator. She has also worked in tertiary environment where she collaborated with a team to write a new innovative Bachelor of Education. She has a Doctorate from UWA, she was honoured to be awarded a Churchill Fellowship and was trained by Steve Jobs ex-coach in Intelligent Leadership which underpins the philosophy of her impactful boutique business in coaching and training.

Suzanne is also interested in women’s equality and inclusivity. She has presented on a panel for the United Nations in WA and was a policy advisor in Fiji for the Department of Education and AusAid. When she was a school principal, she orchestrated a sister school in Cambodia with her school- all these experiences drive the core of her business, which is about paying forward, and acting with integrity, friendliness and excellence.  

Suzanne has a passion for paying it forward and as a Fellow for the Australian Institute of Management (AIM WA) she mentors early and middle managers. She is passionate about helping women in leadership grow to their potential, that is, becoming the person that they are truly capable of being, and ensuring women are the captaincy of their own ship. On that, she currently is a pro bono coach for the West Australian Aboriginal Leadership Institute and is a change maker for the Female Wave of Change offering leadership development training for women.

She considers herself a “work in progress” and is honoured to be supporting AISWA.

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Guildford Grammar School - Guildford

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