The Bulletin 10 February 2022 Term 1 - Issue 3

Thursday, 10 February, 2022

AISWA Professional Learning and other educational events, news, and information.

Sheridan Professional Learning Opportunities

Sheridan Institute of Higher Education will be running two 12-week courses during Semester 1 for qualified teachers and school leaders to deepen their own professional learning: Leading School Improvement (run by Mathilda Joubert) and Worldview Foundations in Education (run by Dr Mark Fielding). Each of these two courses can be undertaken as a free-standing professional learning course or as part of a Master of Education degree. All classes are run once a week from 4.30 pm – 7.30 pm on the Sheridan city campus in Aberdeen Street (or online during Covid times). Semester 1 classes start on the 1st of March with Worldview Foundations in Education running on Wednesday afternoons and Leading School Improvement running on Thursday afternoons. Please find some further information about these two courses and about Sheridan attached or email Dr Susan Conradie, Dean of Education at Sheridan ( for further information.” Sheridan Education PL Courses 2022S1.pdf


Brightpath Professional Learning 2022 

Brightpath Term 1 PL has been moved online. All workshop materials and logins will be emailed before the workshop and prices have been adjusted accordingly. Details can be found through the following link: Here 

You are welcome to with any questions. 


Early Career Teacher Course

Just a very quick reminder that AISWA offers an Early Career Teacher course for any graduate teachers or those in their first years of their teaching career. Please click on the link to enrol.  

Extra information

The G2P course is designed to meet the needs of Early Career teachers (ECT's) as they work towards the Proficient career level of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers, and full registration - from Graduate to Proficient.  We assist them to develop a sense of agency, identity and purpose as their capacity grows through an in-depth exploration of the common issues and problems of practice for the beginning teacher.


This is a five day course and attendance is expected. Three of these days occur during term time and the other two are held during the school holidays. Over the 5 days we cover: 

  • Personal resilience and wellbeing
  • Working with your mentor
  • Developing a growth mindset 
  • The First 6 weeks of school - establishing a positive classroom culture
  • How to talk to parents 
  • Writing reports and conducting 3 way interviews
  • Building your professional identity and mindset
  • Student Engagement
  • What Principals, parents and students wish you knew
  • Portfolio development Graduate to Proficient
  • Small group and individual coaching sessions

Each graduate will need a school based mentor.  Mentor training is available. Mentors can register for Mentor training via the AISWA website Mentoring Early Career Teachers.