The Bulletin 10 August 2017 Term 3 - Issue 5

Thursday, 10 August, 2017

AISWA Professional Learning and other educational events, news and information

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DateEvent TitleCode
Sep 26 2017
Programming and Assessment with the WA Curriculum English/Literacy
  • English
  • Literacy
Sep 7 2017
Sharp Reading: Advanced Comprehension Stages 3 Review and 4-6
  • Literacy
Sep 8 2017
Sharp Reading: Struggling Older Readers (SOR) and SevenPlus
  • Literacy
Aug 28 2017
Classroom Observations & Collegial Coaching
  • Leadership
  • Part 1 28th Aug 2017
  • Part 2 29th Aug 2017
Sep 4 2017
Hard Conversations Unpacked
  • Leadership
Sep 5 2017
Being Generationally Savvy: Working Effectively with all Generations
  • Leadership
Sep 6 2017
Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, Optimism - A Closer Look at Social and Psychological Leadership Practices
  • Leadership
Sep 4 2017
Sharp Reading: Comprehension Strategy Instruction - Albany
  • Literacy
  • Part 1 4th Sep 2017
  • Part 2 17th Oct 2017
Sep 6 2017
Sharp Reading: Decoding Strategy Instruction - Albany
  • Literacy
  • Part 1 6th Sep 2017
  • Part 2 17th Oct 2017
Oct 17 2017
Sharp Reading: Decoding Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Oct 18 2017
Sharp Reading: Comprehension Strategy Instruction
  • Literacy
Oct 20 2017
2017 School Registration Seminar
  • Administration
  • Governance
  • Leadership

WWW WHAT'S WORKING WELL to build the social and emotional learning of children online and offline?

Technological change is moving so quickly. This seminar will discuss evidence from research that investigated the online behaviours of children and young people and actions parents and other members of the school community can take to protect and enhance their own and their children’s digital lives (and reputations) and to minimise possible cyber-related harms from their interactions in an online environment.

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Road Trauma Support WA is a state-wide service assisting anyone affected by road trauma, regardless of when the incident occurred or the level of involvement the person had. The impact of a road crash can be felt long after the scene is cleared. Losing family and friends, dealing with injuries, caring for those injured and causing or witnessing a serious crash can have a devastating impact on those involved. 

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DR KAYLENE HENDERSON IS COMING TO PERTH | Practitioner Masterclass | Parent Forum

Child Australia and Playgroup WA are pleased to be bringing Dr Kaylene Henderson to Perth for 2 events on Thursday 24th August. Dr Henderson is a trusted, highly experienced Child Psychiatrist, parenting specialist, keynote presenter, radio and print media contributor.

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BRIGHTPATH TRAINING SESSION | Professional Learning program for September 2017 | Presented by Dr Sandy Heldsinger.

This full day Professional Learning program provides you with detailed advice on how to develop effective assessment practices in your school. It includes essential information about leading your school in using Brightpath.

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FREE PALMS 5PD | Tuesday 12 September

The Primary Australian Literacy Mathematics & Science (PALMS) Program aims to enrich and support the teaching of earth science from Kindergarten to Year 5 across Australia. Join the free workshop to introduce you to the Year 5 package for PALMS.

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