AISWA Membership Application Form

Membership of AISWA resides in the Employer of Labour at the school (or organisation); in general, this is the Governing Body. This form is for new schools or organisations interested in applying for membership with AISWA. 

Are you an individual looking for access to AISWA's online resources, applications, support and Professional Learning?

Individuals employed by AISWA member schools can login to the Member Portal or create a new account with their school. Your school will need to approve your access as per the AISWA member school approval procedure. 

Non-members and pre-service teachers are welcome to participate in open PL opportunities, if places are available. Search our Professional Learning calendar to view and register for upcoming events.


Application Information
Membership Type
Applicant Type

*This form is for new schools or organisations interested in applying for membership with AISWA.

Individual school staff who require access to register for AISWA's Professional Learning offerings should login to the Member Portal or create a new account.

Authorised Representative
The employer, Head of School/Organisation or member of the School's/Organisation's Governing Board.
Select if the Authorised Representative is not the Principal/Head of Organisation.
Head of School/Organisation
Principal, Headmaster, Director, etc.
School/Organisation Details
As registered with the Department of Education Services if applicant is a school.
A short description of the school or organisation, its ethos, enrolment and any other defining information.
eg. Facilities for Students with Physical Disabilities, Full Fee Paying Overseas Students, Before/After School Care, Educational Authority.
Church or other, if applicable.
Enrolment Pattern
School/Organisation Contact Information
Street Address
Select if postal address is not the same as street address.
Postal Address
Bush Fire High Risk
Is your school in a High Risk location during Bush Fire season for emergency notification purposes?
Does the school have boarding students?
Please add in your school fees per year group (if available)