About AISWA Services

AISWA provides a wide range of services and support to its member schools contributing to the high quality of education provided by the Independent Schools sector of Western Australia. AISWA’s primary responsibility is to provide these services to member schools but it also endeavours to support every education sector by making available its exceptional Professional Learning opportunities to all educators. AISWA also produces a number of publications which can be purchased from the Online Bookstore.

AISWA is recognised for the professionalism, friendliness and quality of services provided by all staff members. It prides itself on ensuring that the services delivered are based on current national and international research to enhance the educational standards within the Independent Schools sector.

AISWA’s services are wide ranging, supporting all facets of education from governance, leadership, teaching and support staff, to students and the wider school community. 

AISWA provides support and services to member schools in the following areas:

  • Industrial matters
  • Legal matters
  • Human resource management
  • Policies and procedures to support school Principals and governing bodies
  • Governance
  • School planning
  • Copyright
  • Representation of the sector to the Australian and Western Australian Governments
  • Legislative requirements which impact on school operations
  • Federal and state funding program administration
  • National Certification of Highly Accomplished Lead Teachers
  • Consultancy support and Professional Learning in:
    • Leadership
    • Teacher Quality
    • Literacy and Numeracy
    • Curriculum
    • Vocational Education and Training
    • Early Childhood
    • ICT Integration
    • Group schemes and contracts
    • Inclusive Education
    • NAPLAN and data collection
    • Governance
    • Registration, Policy and Compliance

AISWA Member Resources and Support

AISWA member school staff can access exlusive resources and information in the Member Portal. Contact details for all AISWA consultants is also available to member school staff via the Staff Directory.


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