Teacher-Student Professional Boundaries

Tuesday, 24 September, 2019

Teacher-Student Professional Boundaries

The TRBWA has released an updated version of the Teacher-Student Professional Boundaries resource.

The key messages remain the same with some new content added to reflect the contemporary context in which teachers practice their profession.

The resource is intended to complement the vital role that teachers play in providing a duty of care to their students. It provides information about professional boundaries in teacher-student relationships and raises awareness of issues and situations that may arise, prompt reflective behaviours and provide some guidance.

Teachers are encouraged to use this resource in conjunction with other resources available to them, such as codes of conduct, and is intended to contribute to the continuing goal of making educational venues in Western Australia as child safe as possible.

The resource may also provide useful information to all employers of registered teachers, parents and the broader community.

Teacher-Student Professional Boundaries - A Resource for WA Teachers