The Power of Inquiry in the Year 3-6 Classroom: Presented by Kath Murdoch

Friday, 25 August, 2017

What does it mean to use an inquiry approach in today’s classrooms?

Many of us still think of inquiry as an approach lacking in structure or explicit teaching when in fact true, contemporary inquiry teaching is highly intentional and carefully designed.  In this workshop, Kath will help Year 3-6 teachers explore both what effective inquiry looks, sounds and feels like in the classroom and understand why it can be such a powerful way to engage young people in learning. Based on her best-selling book ‘The Power of Inquiry’, the workshop will focus on both the planning and the pedagogy that accompanies this approach. Kath’s work emphasises ways to engage students in deep thinking through strategic questioning and the development of rich contexts that invite students to do the cognitive ‘heavy lifting’ as they wonder,  investigate, analyse, make connections and take meaningful action. Teachers will leave the workshop with a greater understanding of inquiry as a teaching ‘stance’ across the curriculum and a practical repertoire of approaches they can use to involve their students as active investigators and powerful learners. Participants will receive a copy of Kath Murdoch's book 'The Power of Inquiry'.

Middle Primary (3-6)

Kate Murdoch - The Power of Inquiry