PALS Reconciliation Action Funding

The Partnership Acceptance Learning Sharing (PALS) program encourages WA schools to develop projects promoting and advancing reconciliation in their local community. 

  • Schools can apply to receive funding for a 2-year period (2024 and 2025) as follows:
    Tier 1: $1000 of funding assistance per year for 2 years (total $2000)
    Tier 2: $1500 of funding assistance per year for 2 years (total $3000).

PALS projects fall within 6 project funding categories: Arts, Community Relationships, Connecting to Country and Culture, Inclusive environments, History and Language.

Funding is open until 27 March 2024 or until funds are expended and schools must submit their application at least 60 days before your activity start date. 

PALS Toolkit, the program guidelines and other important information

Reach out to the PALS project officer at DLGSC or call 6552 1657.