Dr Gary Stager “Invent to Learn” Masterclass (teaching Technologies) - 12 June

Monday, 28 May, 2018

Dr Gary Stager “Invent to Learn” Masterclass (teaching Technologies)

There is only about A WEEK LEFT to register for this fantastic opportunity to participate in a full-day “Invent To Learn” masterclass delivered by internationally renowned Dr Gary Stager on 12 June. There are still 15 places available. 

Join about 80 colleagues from all jurisdictions to experience some of the joys of teaching Technologies!


Gary Stager is a recognised pioneer in 1:1 computing, online learning, and computer science for all students. He has taught learners from preschool through the doctoral level and spent 35 years helping teachers around the world embrace technology as way of amplifying the potential of each student. Gary is a popular keynote speaker known across the globe for his fearless advocacy on behalf of teachers and children. Educators leave his presentations energised and empowered to change their practice and the world of the students they serve.

“Some people think outside of the box. Gary is unaware of the box’s existence.”    Futurist, Dr. David Thornburg

"Gary Stager is a unique speaker who never fails to entertain, inform, and inspire. Gary’s offers a unique combination of intellect and wit that provokes conversation and smiles alike. He is a committed educator who comes to a conference ready to roll up his sleeves and work."   – Pete Reilly, President of NYSCATE

Gary Stager