Director of School Programs and Services Welcome

Director of School Programs and Services Welcome

As we step into the vibrant year of 2024, I extend a warm welcome on behalf of the School Programs and Services Team. Our commitment echoes the core values of AISWA: Integrity, Service, Equity, and Stewardship. The team has embarked on a robust start, actively engaging with schools during the initial professional learning days of the academic calendar.

Throughout 2024, the School Programs and Services Directorate is dedicated to providing unwavering support to schools. Our team comprises highly skilled and dedicated professionals poised to assist you on your educational journey.

I am eager to connect with as many school leaders as possible. Whether through a visit to your school or a convenient meeting, I value the importance of staying attuned to the needs of schools. This ongoing dialogue is pivotal to the success of our directorate.

Feel free to reach out to coordinate a visit or engage in a simple conversation. I am accessible via both phone and email, and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and support your educational endeavours.

Helen Aguiar
Director School Programs and Services

Phone: 0412347568

Policy and School Registration

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

The CEO of DET has mandated that all WA public schools must have at least one AED on their premises by 30 June 2024.  In the new mandate, there are number of responsibilities that have been placed on schools and in fact principals. A couple of significant criteria are that the school purchase a defibrillator that is Australian approved and from a reputable Australian supplier. A defibrillator is a crucial device that delivers a high-energy electric shock to the heart of someone experiencing cardiac arrest. Research shows that using a defibrillator increases the chance of survival by up to 40%.
Parents will no doubt expect this requirement to be met by independent schools and it is recommended that schools make similar arrangements. Of course, we are here to help should you need more information. DET mandate information here.
We are currently updating information and links in the policy guidelines on our website. This process should be complete by the end of February. Also, we have fielded several requests for clarity around the current legal requirements for immunisation at enrolment. If you are unsure, go to pages 30 and 31 in the Guide to registration standards and other requirements for Non-Government Schools 2024 and if you need further help, give us a call.
Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can serve you better and we look forward to catching up as the year unfolds.

Child Protection  - New Online Safety Education Hubs for Schools

Esafety Commissioner - Letter to Principals

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