Commissioner for Children and Young People Releases Report on WA Kids’ COVID-19 Experience

Commissioner for Children and Young People Releases Report on WA Kids’ COVID-19 Experience 

Nothing to buy at the supermarket for dinner, missing friends and worrying about their parents getting sick or losing their job — this is how WA children have endured the coronavirus pandemic. Children have also worried about whether they would be able to find a job in the future and whether the world would learn anything from the crisis. But just as some adults have found silver linings in the dramatic lifestyle change imposed on them, some children have found joy in reconnecting with their family and getting to spend more time outside.

The story of how WA’s kids have navigated the pandemic so far — in their own words — are detailed in a report released on 24th July by WA’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, Colin Pettit. Mr Pettit said it was based on submissions from more than 800 children between March and June and captured the impact on children of an “extraordinary time”.

“Children and young people are well aware of the world around them and absorb information and emotion from media reports, conversations with family and friends, and interactions within the community,” he said. “The feedback I received from children and young people during this time was really insightful and mainly centred on mental health, changes to their education, connection to friends and family, access to recreation activities, concerns for family material basics and the possible future impacts on their lives.

COVID-19: As told by WA children and young people" can be found on the Commissioner’s website.