AISWA Website IMPORTANT NOTICE Down for Maintenance 13th December 2019 to 20th January 2020

Wednesday, 4 December, 2019

Dear AISWA members
Between Dec 16 and January 20 the AISWA website database is undergoing an essential major upgrade and post-upgrade testing. Please note the following 3 points.
1. During this period the secure area (via member log-in) will be disabled for ALL users. This is to stop data from being entered/edited during the transition period. During this 30 day period an "under maintenance" message will appear for ALL members who attempt to log in.
The timeline:
- 13 Dec - website "member login area" taken offline (a warning added to the landing page for any visitors/members accessing it)
- 20 Jan  - website "member login area" back online for all users
- 20 Jan   - from this date on please EMAIL web support staff at regarding issues
- 2 Feb     - multi-factor authentication will be activated
Please EMAIL web support staff to report user issues after 20 January, including:
- name of person
- name of school
- school email contact
- URL of page where the incident occurred
- screenshot (only if possible)
- type of issue (choice of)
*PL related
*IE related 
*VET related
*payment processing error
*updating school or personal
*log in/credential issues
2. Multi-factor authentication/verification will be activated soon after the website comes back online. Like many other websites (e.g. Qantas) this is for an extra layer of security. Our website contains some very sensitive information and good policy demands due diligence.
To make this process easier, the installation of Microsoft Authenticator on your devices is recommended. (If you have school-managed devices this may be done by your Tech Support crew in the new year.) The alternate method is just to have a second email address available (and most people have several)
3. Principals and IE Funding Coordinators: Round 1 applications are now open for entries until COB 13th December then will reopen on the 20th of January 2020 (or close to, an email will be sent out to all coordinators when the round reopens) 
The AISWA team hopes you have an excellent holiday break, completely and joyously unplugged from the AISWA website. There is no better time of year to undertake this upgrade and we appreciate your patience and understanding.
Kind Regards
The Web Support Team