School Leaders Study Tour, USA

A two week study tour for AISWA member school leaders to the USA. Participants spend the first week in Portland Oregon with Yong Zhao attending a masterclass and visiting a number of schools and educational organisations, and the second week in Sante Fe New Mexico with George Otero undertaking school and cultural visits and reflecting upon their experiences and learning.

The future of education is in good hands, with Yong Zhao’s focus on “Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students”, and George Otero’s experience in “Relational Learning”.  

We are set to discover new and wide-ranging ways to engage students and families in education for a generation unlike any other. We will spend time in the presence of great leaders in education in Yong Zhao and George Otero, and observing best practice in school, community and business settings. We will speak with employers to discover the skills they require from successful employees in the 21st century, and meet with schools who are combining years of education experience and new research to develop learning programs and community relationships which will foster the untapped gifts and skills of every student. Educating students “out of the basement” (Yong Zhao, Briefing the Board, 2014), and empowering families and communities to be successful in all that they endeavour to achieve is our goal, and the focus of this study tour. We look forward to networking and learning from the broad range of participants on the tour, and together building on our current knowledge and expertise to create successful learning communities throughout Australia.