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Year 12 Question Banks

WACE Year 12

AISWA recently held four planning workshops for Year 12 teachers of French, Indonesian, Japanese and Italian (Second Language) to prepare for implementation of Units 3 and 4 in 2016. Participants brainstormed a list of questions linked to the contexts and topics and these have been compiled into question banks which can be downloaded here.

The lists include suggested questions that could be a useful resource for teachers to use in their teaching and learning programmes to act as guiding questions and to stimulate oral communication.  They have been presented in a Word document (below) so that teachers can make their own changes. These questions banks have not been endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority but may act as a useful tool for teaching.

Thank you, ありがとう, terima kasih, , merci,  and grazie to all participating teachers for their valuable input and particularly to those who kindly did the final proof reading.

Question banks produced in 2014 for Units 1 and 2 (Year 11) WACE Second Language courses for Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, German and Indonesian can be accessed here.

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