Invitation only - New Metrics – Success in Schooling Masterclass Meet & Greet

PL # 13581
Starting on 23 Aug 2022
Cancellation permitted until 18 Aug 2022

Event registrations closed on 18 Aug 2022

Delivery Format : In Person

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This event is open to participants enrolled in Success in Schooling, New Metrics for Measuring Capabilities

Join us for afternoon tea and take part in some informal conversations with like-minded schools about the New Metrics Masterclass on 1-2 September. Sandra Milligan and/or Jayne Johnston from University of Melbourne will dial in for a short update, and listen to and ask questions of staff from All Saints College, one of the 35 schools participating in the current nationwide New Metrics program, as they share their experiences with the program.

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Invitation only - New Metrics – Success in Schooling Masterclass Meet & Greet

Date / Time

23 Aug 2022 Starts: 16:00 Finishes: 17:30

Delivery Format : In Person

The Studio School

PL Hours : 1.50

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