Early Childhood and Primary Schooling Study Tour, Finland

Sunday, 21 April - Wednesday, 1 May 2019

In partnership with Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish educator, author and scholar.

The focus of this study tour is to explore how the Finnish school systems supports deep learning and high levels of student engagement. With a sharp focus on transitioning students from early childhood education to primary schooling and how their educators oversee and monitor their students' progress without standarised testing. 

Highlights of this tour will include:

  • Observe early childhood, pre-primary and primary education settings
  • Explore pedagogical frameworks
  • Discover how care, learning and engagement is preserved from early childhood centres to primary settings, as children move through the education system
  • Discuss the structure of teacher education - the courses, timeframes and supports offered
  • Explore assessment in practical terms for teachers and schools

This tour is designed for those wanting to further their personal and professional awareness of current best practice in international early childhood and primary education programs.