The Bulletin 30 August 2018 Term 3 - Issue 8

Thursday, 30 August, 2018

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AISWA PL 11945 - Building Cultural Competence in Early Childhood Educators | Friday, 26 October 2018 | 12.00 - 15.30

This Professional Learning afternoon will showcase the Action Learning projects by six AISWA schools, from a range of diverse Early Learning settings and community contexts. The focus of the ‘Building Cultural Competence’ project was to frame this work on current programs (if any) within the school, building capacity around the EYLF and curriculum links such as the 'Intercultural and Ethical Understanding' General Capability and the Aboriginal and/or Asia Cross Curriculum Priority. For more information, and to register please click Here 

Creativity in the Curriculum | Friday 14 September

Today’s children and young people are faced with unprecedented economic, technological, cultural, social and personal challenges. Enhanced creative thinking skills can help them to meet and overcome these challenges through the application of creative problem-solving strategies. This professional development opportunity will be facilitated by Mathilda Joubert and creative learning practitioners from FORM. For more information, please click Here 

WAIER Research Seminars 

1. Relief Teachers access to employment and professional learning The forgotten cohort of teachers| Wednesday 26 September 2018 | Murdoch University, Room TBA
The requirements for ongoing teacher registration highlight the importance of access to employment and engagement in professional learning. For relief teachers both of these conditions can be challenging, potentially impacting on continued registration. For more information, please click Here

2. Who is missing out and what are they missing? How the association between absence and achievement varies across students, schools, subjects, and reasons for absence | Wednesday 31 October 2018 | The University of Western Australia, Room TBA
This presentation addresses several questions about the nature of the association between higher absences and lower achievement outcomes. Does the relationship depend on the type of absence? Are absences more problematic for some students than others? How do the socioeconomic characteristics of students and schools affect these patterns?  For more information, please click Here

Wellbeing in Leadership | Tuesday 16 October 2018

Staff who are physically and mentally healthy make great leaders, teachers and support workers, yet health and wellbeing is often low on the list of priorities for many in education, particularly for leaders. For more information, please click Here