Boarding in a Western Australian Independent School

Independent Schools in Western Australia offer a wide ranging educational menu that includes boarding. Over 22 AISWA member schools offer boarding facilities for their students, 17 within the metropolitan area of Perth and five situated in rural centres of the state.

Boarding schools vary greatly in their location, size, style and philosophy but all offer the wonderful advantages of a residential lifestyle on a secondary education campus in Western Australia.

Advantages of attending an Independent Boarding School in Western Australia:

  • Studies in a progressive state of Australia.
  • Courses and qualifications that are recognised throughout the world.
  • A range of flexible boarding options to suit families.
  • A safe, secure and healthy lifestyle for students.
  • Supervised study and homework routines to develop good study skills.
  • Opportunities and support for culturally or linguistically diverse students.
  • Access to a vibrant, appealing, multicultural city or regional hub.
  • Proximity to Asian cities in the same time zone.
  • A wonderful climate with diversity of landscape, scenery, flora and fauna.

City or Rural Boarding

Most Western Australian boarding schools are part of well established Independent Schools situated in metropolitan Perth in close proximity to the CBD. However, there are now several Independent Schools which offer boarding facilities in rural parts of the state, presenting unique opportunities to experience a healthy rural lifestyle.

Flexible Boarding Options

Most commonly, students can commence boarding when they are in late primary school.  Most Independent Schools have student focused, purpose built accommodation (boarding houses) where students reside full-time during the school terms. Flexible boarding options to suit the family's home and working lifestyles are often available, depending on the individual school.


Fees vary depending on the school but, generally, boarding education in Western Australia compares favourably with most other cities of Australia and the developed world. Many Independent Schools offer scholarships or bursaries to assist with fees.

Programs of Study

Programs of study in Western Australian Independent Schools are designed to provide students with skills for future study, employment and life, in Australia or anywhere in the world. All Western Australian Independent Schools must meet stringent registration requirements and boarding schools offer the additional advantage of supervised study and homework routines as well as safe, supervised access to extracurricular programs undertaken as part of the school's program or outside of the school's boundary. Such activities could include specialised programs in the fields of sport, science or the arts.

Safety and Security

The modern philosophy of boarding schools in Western Australia emphasises security and safety for students in an atmosphere which is as close as possible to the support and comfort of home. Students learn independence and are given opportunities to develop leadership skills in a warm and caring environment. Trained staff are available to care for the boarders' health needs. Nursing or medical care is available, if required, and students can be escorted to appointments off school grounds.

Find a Boarding School

AISWA member schools that offer boarding are listed in the Search for a School directory.