Two Factor Authentication Help

Read an explanation of the TFA concept here  View PDF

BEFORE YOU BEGIN the log in and TFA PROCESS, please clear your browser cache (local webpage memory). View PDF here.



1. What TFA app do I need?

Three different FREE apps are compatible with the AISWA website. Go to your app store to locate, download and install ONE selected app before logging in and setting up TFA. This preparation will streamline the process.

  • Google Authenticator   (Android/iPhone)
  • Microsoft Authenticator    (Android/iPhone)
  • Authy    (Android/iPhone/desktop version)   

2. I need some help!  

Click on the video (below) that corresponds with the app you installed. These cover the steps for pairing your selected app with the AISWA website. They take 3-4 minutes to view. The order on videos is the same as listed above.


3. I missed the first attempt at setup.  

If this happens, you can manually set up your TFA authenticator app once logged in with your password. Action it here:    Side menu > My profile > Update TFA Setup > Reset Application   (Please view the first 1 minute of any video explanation, above)

4. My account has been blocked. 

You have a total of three log-in + TFA setup opportunities before being automatically blocked from your account. You will see the on-screen warning messages.

5. How do I unblock the account? 

Contact AISWA Web Support to action this for you. When the account is unblocked, you will still need to complete the TFA setup process as well as creating a new password. Please be aware that unblocking an account is a manual process and may be delayed if we are very busy! 

6. My 6 digit code won’t work!  

  • The code is dynamic. It changes constantly. Were you too slow adding it? Try again with the new code displayed.
  • Was it really the code for the AISWA website? Did you confuse it with another account in your authenticator account list? Check it.