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STEM in Practice

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Thank you for taking an interest in the STEM in PRACTICE curriculum materials!



Below you will find STEM in Practice SAMPLE BOOKS and INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTS from the Teacher Resources book. You are welcome to download and explore them.




These downloadable PDFs include random sample pages from each of the AISWA publications that accompany the KodeKLIX® electronics kits. Each includes a table of contents where you can review the complete list of contents.


The following files are the digital versions of teaching and learning resources included in the Teacher Resource book.

Used together, the STEM in PRACTICE materials support the development and assessment of rich integrated projects. The TechPro (technology process) templates help students follow the engineering design process steps. The diversity of materials and ways of working support differentiation in the classroom. Rich projects are a great way to build collaboration, persistence and critical and creative thinking too.

If students generate aspects of all this productive activity digitally then they will be integrating their general ICT LITERACY (capability) as well as coding! Useful apps would be those used for for browsing, note-taking, concept mapping, annotating photos, capturing and editing photos and video clips, capturing time-lapse or timing events, tallying, creating animations and diagrams, picture collages, job lists, recording reflections and managing digital portfolios.

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