Saint Theodore of Canterbury Catholic Grammar School

Saint Theodore of Canterbury Catholic Grammar School is seeking to open in 2025 in Ravenswood, WA. Saint Theo's is to be a new classical, combined Primary and Secondary day and boarding, co-educational, Catholic school of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Southern Cross (a nationwide jurisdiction within the Catholic Church in Australia). Our ethos is the education of the whole person, with a particular emphasis on given our students the keys to knowledge and forming them to be creators of culture in Australian society.

We will deliver the Western Australian Curriculum in a classical way, developing Latin and Greek language programmes in consultation with SCSA. Learning in the Primary years will be through an integrated learning approach across the subject. We intend to be a single-stream school up to Grade 5, from whence the cohort will be split into two single-sex classes until Year 10, and recombine in Years 11 and 12, to ensure good educational choices for the WACE, VET and other programmes. The predominant education philosophy we will adopt is that of the English educator Charlotte Mason, combined with an Aristotelian approach rather than Bloom's taxonomy.
Campus Address

27 Wolseley Road
Morley WA 6062

Chair of Governing body