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Brightpath Webinar Session 1

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Starting on 1 Sep 2022
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Understanding the limitations of automated marking of writing 

As many of you will already be aware, Brightpath now includes an assisted marking or automated marking facility for narrative, persuasive and information report writing.

Students complete their writing online, and when they do, the program analyses their writing and provides predicted scores. The marking assistant supports upper primary and lower secondary teachers in their marking, saving them precious time.

Teachers are left to focus their attention on assessing those aspects of writing that humans need to judge, the authorial aspects of writing, and they can draw on their professional judgement to refine their students’ scores.

In this session, Dr Sandy Heldsinger will explain the limitations and cautions about automated marking of writing, so that teachers can have confidence about when they can trust the scoring and when they need to override it.


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Dr Sandy Heldsinger

Dr Sandy Heldsinger

Dr Sandy Heldsinger is leading the introduction of the Brightpath assessment and reporting software in schools across Australia. Brightpath is an innovation approach to assessment and reporting, and is the result of over a decade of research at UWA to find a way of obtaining reliable teacher judgements.

Sandy co-ordinated the WA system-level assessments, has taught masters level course in educational assessment for a number of years and has led the development of  a wide range of resources, including reporting software, to support schools in using assessment to improve student performance.

Sandy was recently acknowledged as WA’s pre-eminent educational leader by the Australian Council of Educational Leaders.

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Brightpath Webinar test

Date / Time

1 Sep 2022
Starts: 15:45
Finishes: 16:45

PL Hours : 1.00

Learning Area

  • Literacy

School Area

  • Primary (P-6)
  • Secondary (7-10)