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Merci et au Revoir Claire

Teachers and colleagues in schools, universities and professional organisations acknowledge Claire Leong's influence as a supporter and promoter of language learning. Tributes have arrived at AISWA Languages in many forms, all steeped in praise for Claire's efforts, warmth and grace and with gratitude for the range of programs that she has initiated and supported.

Scroll down to see video tributes from Joe Dale, Tania Christie and Nadine Fraize.

Nathan Harvey (MLTAWA)    Merci beaucoup for your energy, enthusiasm and expertise, Claire. WA schools have benefited from your leadership, particularly in terms of developing relationships and wider connections. Your work over a number of years has supported teachers’ knowledge and enhanced classroom practices to improve student learning, and also encouraged a greater capacity for mentoring and reflective practice in teaching and learning languages.

With MLTAWA, we have had a lot of fun over the years. I know the things you will dearly miss include PSP, MoRe Leaps, WA Conferences, Australian Curriculum, sundowners, Teach Meet, Constitution changes, speech contests, PL funding applications, AGM, public liability insurance, ELTF, pecha kucha, key note speakers, developing websites, membership drives, dance performances, shape paper feedback, cheque requisitions, HD award panels and afternoon tea to say the least.  Reflect and relax on the fact that you have made a difference. Your company will be missed.
Vicki Richardson (Tranby College)   You have been an amazing mentor/leader for WA language teachers and personally I am sad to see you go. I will never forget how integral you were to the indonesian program at Tranby.
Jenai Lee   That is both sad and wonderful news...  Good luck with all your endeavours. Thank you for all your hard work Claire!
Penny Coutas (AISWA and MLTAWA) Claire, the opportunities that you have provided have both shaped and changed my professional life.
Christine Bloomfield (  ) Claire has always been an inspirational and passionate advocate for languages, offering support, organising relevant, practical PL opportunities and assisting language teachers in countless varied ways. I personally thank her for her selflessness, patience and friendship. She has never hesitated to support my pleas for assistance and has always found time to discuss issues with me and allowed me to bounce ideas off her. ( Especially this year when I have been trying to make sense of the Draft Australian Curriculum for Italian! She has been honest, encouraging and supportive and has kept me sane!)
She has kept us all up to date through the well organised and delicious HOD and Coordinators breakfast meetings. ( I am especially grateful for this because I don’t think I could have made sense of the huge amount of information Claire has read, interpreted and summarised for us.)
Claire has made an extraordinary contribution to the languages learning area and will be sadly missed. It has been a pleasure to serve on the ACL for the past three years and I wish her well in her new endeavours but hope and pray that our paths will cross again in the future. I know she will be amazing in whatever professional role she undertakes! Good luck Claire.
Cherie Hess (Catholic Education Office) I can’t believe that five years have gone by since we started working together as Consultants for Languages. When I joined the CEOWA in 2009, I had so much to learn, and you were such a wonderful mentor and guide. You have taught me so much and I am so appreciative. You have given so much to languages education in WA, and your support for languages teachers has been unwavering. Highlights of our work together for me have been the NALSSP, the Youth Summit and our work on the MLTAWA committee. As I look on at your career, the most impressive thing has been you offering a PL for teachers in France. How amazing was that! How can any of us top that one? Your AISWA Languages Website is very impressive too! Anyway, I wish you all the happiness and success in the world as you join you embark on your new career at EON Foundation.
Juli Singgih (AISWA) Time flies very fast and before we know it, it is the time to say good bye.
I have been very blessed to have the opportunity to work for AISWA, especially under the supervision of Claire Leong.
Claire, you have been my inspiration who is always ready to support me and offer  solutions.  With your gentle heart, kindness and laughter, you have brightened my days working with you.
You are truly a special friend to me, and a boss that I will never forget.
Thank you for everything that you have done and I wish you all the best for the future and great success in your new career. 
Hara Kawulusa (AISWA) Claire, I want to wish you all the best and every success. I feel that there has been a great success in the LOTE department, especially with our Indonesian program. I have enjoyed working with AISWA under your management and your guidance immensely. I hope that from time to time that we can stay in contact and still go out for coffee.  Thank you for all your support and your friendship.
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