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Get media coverage for your Languages program!

If we recognise important language achievements or events in our schools, and include local high profile second language speaker role models then we can make a positive contribution to the mindset surrounding Languages education in our communities.The more of us that are successful in gaining media coverage of our language programmes, the better it is for ALL of us. In the end, if you are unsuccessful in obtaining media coverage of your event, don’t despair.  At the very least, you have celebrated student achievements in your school and involved the principal or school admin along with others from the school community. Plus you will have a press release to put on your school’s website – it all adds recognition to the great work that you and your students do every year.

Global Projects Manager at Education Perfect, Tania Christie, is passionate about languages education for all and prides some fabulous advice and tips on creating a media release in the video below: 

A word about Tania Christie:  

Tania began her teaching career at Kelmscott Senior High School in 1992, teaching French and German, then later moved to SIDE to teach French. She has also learnt a little Greek and would also like to learn some Italian and Chinese. As a child she thought that she was going to learn to speak Spanish while watching Sesame Street in the 70’s.

Tania also lived in Taiwan for a year as a child, where she picked up a smattering of numbers and directions in Chinese, plus a good dose of eye opening cultural awareness.

She had to wait until year 8 to “really” begin learning a second language when she and a small group of students lobbied their local high school in rural New Zealand to let them study French via correspondence.  By the time the group reached Year 9, the school had employed a French teacher. A 6 week exchange trip to Tahiti at the age of 16 left her smitten with the French language and culture.

After a false start in a career as a chef and a conversation on a bus with a former school buddy it seemed the only thing left in life to do was to go to uni and learn how to be a French teacher. The rest is history!

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