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Interactive White Board (IWB) in the Languages classroom

Japanese teacher at St Hilda's Anglican School for Girls, Ms Glenda James, came up with a novel way to get the interactive whiteboard to mark the roll and engage students before they even reach their desks. Glenda explains her IWB strategy in this video. Notice how she has incorporated cultural understandings in this simple but effective activity.

If Japanese is not your language, you should know that an onsen is a natural hot spring. It's not only humans who enjoy an onsen, especially in winter. Intrigued? Watch the video to find out.

In the video below, Head of Languages, Dr Sharon Ainsworth, demonstrates an interactive whiteboard activity designed to help students practise reading Kanji and writing Hiragana scripts. Sharon and her team adapted an existing SmartBug interactive whiteboard activity to create something new.

The following video shows a self-correcting strategy for practising vocabulary building, grammar and reading for understanding will be welcome in any language classroom. The interactive whiteboard helps out with this simple and easily adapted exercise. With a bank of these types of exercises available, your classroom is much better prepared for differentiated learning and to assist students to be independent learners. Individuals, pairs and small groups of students could work on these exercises while you work with other groups. 

Dr Sharon Ainsworth's following demonstration shows how students practise talking about locations and directions in Japanese.

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