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Wandering Wednesday Webinar #4: bite-size HASS PL

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Starting on 1 Jul 2020
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Learning happens best when relationships between all members of the learning community are warm, connected, and authentic. Inquiry learning is enhanced by connections with the community beyond school. (Kath Murdoch 2018)

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Wednesday Webinar #4 (July 1) we explore the Water, Sustainability, and Aboriginal Culture. 

In this session Gabrielle Migliore, Education Team Leader at Water Corporation will explore their revised Waterwise School Program. The program offerings provide multi-sensory experiences to motivate your students to take action as advocates and protectors of WA’s water. The program aligns with 3 tiers: water supply and conservation, water in Aboriginal culture, and sustainability. The tiers are designed to support the West Australian curriculum, giving educators the option to combine workshops, tours, and tools for individual purposes. This session will outline the programs’ virtual offerings for teachers and students, and other exciting resources 'in the pipeline'.

                                                                                                                  Image:: Water Corporation Education Program

The most engaging classroom inquiries begin with curiosity and wonderings that often take us wandering outside the classroom to explore, connect with ‘place’, find answers, ask more questions, and learn from experts. Before we venture out, teachers will often ask their students, Who can we ask? Where can we go? In these challenging times with restrictions to our favourite excursion venues, this webinar series will take you to some of our most popular places with online resources, mini-lessons, and virtual experiences to bring the experts into your classroom.

These weekly PL sessions are short, sharp, and perfect for viewing with your colleagues, in the staffroom at lunchtime, or review the recording afterward.

Relevant HASS Curriculum links and programming ideas will be presented by Maree Whiteley at each session, followed by time for Q&A  from participants related to the focus topic. 

Other excursion venues in this series include Kings Park (Webinar #1), State Library of WA (Webinar #2), WA Museum/SLWA (Webinar #3), DIY Tech Excursions (Webinar #5), Seven West Media (Webinar #6), and TBC Scitech, Fremantle Prison, and more.


Maree Whiteley(AISWA Staff)

Teaching And Learning Consultant - Primary
Maree Whiteley<span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Maree Whiteley works with teachers and curriculum leaders to bring innovative and practical pedagogies into the classroom, through special projects and whole-school planning. Currently working as an AISWA Consultant in the Primary Teaching and Learning area, with specific expertise within the Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area, this gives Maree the perfect platform to go beyond the curriculum, exploring areas of global imperatives for our young people, such as ethical and humanitarian issues, critical thinking and cultural competence. Maree continues to enjoy sharing her experience, knowledge and expertise with others in workshops, conferences and in online forums.

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1 Jul 2020
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