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  • Starting on 20 Feb 2024
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A hybrid year-long course, combining the EALD Hub online course and 10 webinars throughout 2024. Available to teachers in AISWA-member schools who teach learners for whom English is an additional language or dialect (EALD) in metro, regional and remote settings.

Throughout 2024, AISWA is offering access to the the nationally acclaimed EALD Hub, a self paced online course comprising of 29 eBooks, plus 10 hour-long webinars via Teams, facilitated by AISWA Consultants.

About the EALD Hub
The EALD Hub is an online professional development course for teachers. It was developed collaboratively by experts from across Australia. It was largely designed to provide high-quality education to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and in particular, those students who are learning Standard Australian English as an additional language or dialect. The course is also useful to teachers of EALD learners in any context, who wish to learn strategies and approaches about how to teach Standard Australian English to multilingual learners.

The EALD Hub consists of 29 e-Books. Each e-Book has a video introduction, a journal reflection task, content presented via readings and videos, checking for understanding quiz, an action research task, and a final journal reflection task. It takes approximately 30-60 minutes to ‘walk through’ each e-Book, however, it is the action research task that provides an opportunity to link the knowledge with teacher practice. It will provide teachers with a focus over several weeks and an opportunity to link to in-school mentoring or performance management. Teachers can do the course at their own pace, although, it is advisable to set milestones along the way.

About the webinars
AISWA will hold regular webinars throughout 2024 to help you reach these milestones, and to provide opportunities to network with other teachers in AISWA-member schools. All webinars are held on Tuesdays, 3.30-4.30pm. 

Term 1
Week 4: Introduction to the EALD HUB (20 February)
Week 5: Learners and their languages (27 February) 
Week 7: Ways of Working (12 March)
Term 2
Week 2: Identifying EALD Learners (23 April)
Week 4: How language works (7 May)
Week 8: Learning an additional language or dialect (4 June)
Term 3
Week 2: How Standard Australian English works (23 July)
Week 6: Assessment and monitoring (20 August)
Term 4 
Week 2: Curriculum planning and pedagogy, e-Books 23-25 (22 October)
Week 5: Curriculum planning and pedagogy, e-Books 26-29 (12 November)

What past participants had to say:

"The course is enriching and relevant to where I work. It has given me some pedagogical knowledge on how to teach literacy to EALD learners. Also, the fact that the course is framed against the teacher performance standard makes preparation on teachers' part sincere and accountable to plan, teach, assess and report on and of course , not mentioning that teacher appraisal counts also. Furthermore, there are sufficient content notes backed by tasks which provide teachers with practice and reflective tools."

"The webinars were invaluable to me for providing guidance and clarity on the main ideas to take away and think about/implement. The ideas were also broken down to enable participants to give their feedback on a practical level. Being able to be part of a community of learners was great on both a personal and professional level."

"The webinars were extremely relevant and useful. The time schedule suited our work hours as well. I appreciated the in-depth information and content being delivered."

Register before 19 February to fully take part in this course. After you have registered you will receive login details for an EALD Hub account and further instructions, within 5 working days. 

More Information


Kate Reitzenstein (AISWA Staff)

Teaching And Learning Consultant - Languages

Kate Reitzenstein <span>(AISWA Staff)</span>

Kate Reitzenstein has worked as Consultant for Languages of the Association of Independent Schools of WA since 2014. She organises professional development activities and provides advice to schools and teachers on policy, curriculum and resources. Prior to this role, Kate worked as an Indonesian language teacher for fifteen years at three secondary schools, with experience using the Curriculum Framework and the Middle Years Program and Diploma Program of the International Baccalaureate curriculum. She has worked as an EFL/ESL teacher in Australia and abroad, and has had experience as an International Student Coordinator and at establishing overseas school partnerships and in-country study tours. Kate places importance on effective language teaching methodology and the need to link theory to practice in the Languages classroom.

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Teaching Multilingual Learners: EALD Hub +

Date / Time

20 Feb 2024 Starts: 15:30 Finishes: 16:30

Delivery Format : Webinar

Webinar - Online Only

PL Hours : 10.00

Learning Area

  • EALD
  • Inclusive Education
  • Languages
  • Leadership

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  • Preschool (PK-K)
  • Early Childhood (PK - 2)
  • Middle Primary (3-6)
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